I am a Psychic Medium and offer both Psychic and Mediumship Readings.  If you are not sure of the difference of which one you would like here is the explanation xx

Mediumship Reading

Psychic Reading

I believe that a psychic tarot reading can help you with your path and possible futures, you alone are responsible for your actions.

The Tarot is a guide and a reflection of your inner self.

I believe that the Tarot can also show you what is the most likely future or potential futures but that free will and choice can change your outcomes..


In a Psychic Reading, I will tune into your aura to gain insight and information to enable me to offer insight and guidance on your life now and the future – often looking as well about how situations in your past are affecting your life currently,  I will be shown ways that can help you move past these blocks.

An accurate and insightful psychic reading can help you discover what is holding you back from the happiness and fulfilment that you deserve in your life.

 When you have a reading the cards and spirit are picking up a message in this moment in time that in the course of the future can be changed by your actions and attitude.  Spirit tells about things that you are experiencing or that are unknown but it is our attitude or that of others that will determine our destiny.


A reading helps pinpoint the area of your life that you need to be aware of – this helps you see the truth of the situation and take back the power you always have to make the life, career, love that you want.

Mediumship Reading

If you have loved ones in the spirit world and would like to receive a message of love and healing let me be the messenger.

Receive spirit messages and afterlife validation from your loved ones who have crossed to the other side.


Messages received from spirit will bring insight into your life and your spiritual journey in this lifetime.


Mediumship seeks to console, heal and uplift with guidance received from the spirit world.

Hybrid Reading

Mediumship & Psychic

I have created this reading to be able to give you the best of both.

During this reading, I shall start off connecting with your loved ones in spirit bringing forth the essence of them and a message for you then I shall use my Tarot Cards to gain psychic insight and guidance for you about your future and give guidance on your current situation.


I allow the flow of communication to go where the focus needs to be for you. So you receive the messages, healing, and insight that you need.​ 

Readings can be conducted in-person or via zoom. Your reading will be recorded and you will be provided access to a recording