Learn Energy Healing

I have studied and practised many healing methods and on this certified course I will share my experience as well as attunements and healing techniques to help on your self-healing journey, to help heal and accompany people on their healing journeys.  Whether you want to learn just for yourself or to set up a successful healing business here you will learn all you need to know.

Course Content

Reiki 1

The chakra system

Crystals for healing

Moon Healing with Reiki

Cutting Cords with Reiki

Energy Cleansing

Self Healing

Reiki 2


Yoga Nidra

Some breathing techniques

Karuna Reiki Symbol Attunements

Chanting with Reiki

Reiki for Abundance

Sleep Better and Weight Loss with Reiki

Pendulum Healing

Using Tarot & Oracle cards for healing and deeper chakra insights

Setting up a Healing business

With lots of practice within the group and then with others to gain confidence and feedback so you can set up your own business or just heal with friends and family