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Manifest Magic Tarot

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Empower your future

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Fast track your manifesting by learning to use your Tarot to empower your life and bring in what you want to manifest be it how you want to feel or what you want to achieve.

Use Magic with your Tarot to bring your cards to life and make your wishes a reality.

10-week course - each class is approx two hours long

classes are recorded so you can watch the replay 

Workbook with Mantras, moon phases and spreads

8 Step Manifesting Journal

Moon work Journal

Payment plan available

max 8 people

For full benefit of the course, it is best if you are familiar with Tarot or Oracle to take this course -

if you are looking for a beginners course please join me on the 10 week course here 

I began to use my Tarot cards not only to discover what was happening in my life but to change it.   

So I began my journey as I realised I could actually use them to make things happen.  I discovered how to use Tarot to manifest what I wanted in my life; after first asking whether it was what I needed or was right for me.  I was then able to release any blocks and see if there was any resistance and if so why? thus creating space to bring in what I wanted to manifest. 

I was then guided to use my cards with magic so I integrated incarnations, altar & candle rituals and brought the magic that lies within the Tarot cards alive within my life.

You will Receive 

Reiki Abundance Attunement

In this course you will learn;

The basics of the Law of Attraction

LOTS of different Spreads to help release any blocks &

 look deep at our shadow self &

to know what to focus on to manifest for your highest good

EFT for abundance

Full moon ritual & working with the moon

Lunar Cycles

Spread for manifesting (e.g manifest your soulmate)

How to use LOA with Tarot

Money Mantra

How to create an Altar


How to create incarnations

Candle Colour 

Tarot Spells how to perform one

and how to create your own

For more information contact me 

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