Welcome to Infinite Soul Circle Academy

Selena is so proud to be a part of the Infinite Soul Circle membership.  This is a membership that offers spiritual and psychic development circles, moon healing and manifesting circles, self-empowerment courses, live readings, spiritual chats and support along your spiritual journey.  


Infinite Soul Circle is a paid monthly Spiritual learning Community that supports and encourages growth through self-learning courses and interactive Spiritual Circles, Rituals, manifestation and Live Psychic Readings. 

When you join us at Infinite Soul Circle you learn to take aligned action that’s right for you.

You understand the importance and value not only within yourself but also within everyone around you.

You learn to lead from a place of trust in your own intuition and not needing validation from those around you.

Do you desire:

Support and direction in finding your Souls pathway

The confidence to learn and express your inner wisdom

Learning about Divination, Intuition Psychic abilities and the power of your own self-awareness.

Connect to other like-minded Spiritual Seekers and build friendships based on trust and shared experiences.

A learning space that gives you the tools you need and allows you to pick them up at your own pace, with the understanding that every pathway is different and unique.

If you not only want to learn but also want to take part in live Psychic reading and Spiritual Chats, talk to your Tutors on a regular basis.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to weekly Circles, rituals and live classes including:

Spiritual Circle

Taken by one of the Tutors you will be guided through different exercises and meditations to open you up to the beautiful world of Spirit Connection

Psychic Circle

Taken by one of the Tutors, you will be taken into the magical world of Psychic Awareness with exercises to enhance and uncover your gifts, fully interactive

Moon Manifestation and Rituals

Powerful manifestation Moon rituals that are effective and transformative, gain insight into manifestation and how you can harness the magic of the moon phases.

12 Month Self Learning Courses – Self Awareness and Empowerment

A transformational course that encourages you to delve into Self Awareness the very first port of call within your Spiritual Awareness.

12 Month Self Learning Courses - Crystal Magic

A look at some of the most popular and powerful crystals and how they can be used within your life to help you manifest and harness their unique energies.

12 Month Self Learning Courses – Sanskrit of the Soul

Open the door into your Soul and your connection to the Divine, understanding your own unique power and the beautiful essence that lives within you.

12 Month Self Learning Courses – Connecting to the Moon

A powerful manifestation course allowing you to work with the energies of the Moon throughout the coming year, learning how to release, bring in the new and deal with powerful Moon energies.

Live Spiritual chats and Check in’s, Tarot and Tea Psychic Readings and bespoke live talks on course content and course questions.

Not only that, but you also get access to the Infinite Soul Community, (not on social media) for discussion, support and connection to your Tutors


Your investment:  £46.66 a month

The membership is only open for registration 4 times a year

28th April until 5th May 2022

29th July until 5th August 2022

27th January 3rd February 2023



KERRY has a solid understanding of the mechanics of Mediumship and Psychic awareness. Kerry has grown up within a Spiritual family as her nan 'Joan' was a Spiritualist who helped Kerry gain an understanding of the spirit world. Since then Kerry has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience through her extensive travelling and partaking in different religions. Kerry is a public demonstrator of Mediumship and a public speaker, where she brings her international teachings and offerings to many. Kerry is also a member of the SNU 'Spiritual National Union'.

Kerry is also a medicine Buddhist practitioner and teacher at Lisa Williams school of spirituality and the author of 'Labyrinth of the Soul'


Dawn is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual teacher. Dawn believes that we come to our development at the right time, when we are truly ready to embrace a new way of thinking and to embody new ideas that help to fill a void or longing for something more. Dawn is dedicated to understanding the true mechanics of Mediumship and Psychic awareness and believes strongly in personal responsibility within the Spiritualist movement. Dawn is an open channel for the Spirit World and loves to work within the Trance modality, Dawn has a strong connection to her guides and inspirers which she brings through channelled messages and inspirational address. Dawn is also a member of the Spiritual National Union (SNU) and accredited at the Lisa Williams school of Spirituality.


Selena is a Psychic Medium. Selena has co-created the Journey to Enlightenment Tarot Deck and is the author of the Journey of Enlightenment Self Help Book. Selena has created the Tarot Masterclass at Watkins Publishing and trained many students in Tarot and in manifesting magic, where she uses Tarot and the magic of the moon to help people reach their goals and release their true potential. A teacher that loves guiding others on their Spiritual journey. Selena is also a Reiki Master, Energy Healer and trained in many different methods and has studied Chinese medicine, Hypnotherapy, EFT, CBT, NPL, Mindfulness and Life Coaching. Selena is also accredited at the Lisa Williams school of Spirituality.

Now you know a little about us, we would love to get to know you within the Membership, take a look at what's on offer..