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Collective Tarotscope for the Month of June

Instead of fearing your power, you will embrace it


There has been a period of growth – throughout this perhaps dark, negative time you can now see the light shining through – the universe is working its magic and you can see the wonder of nature waking up around you. The light of your being, your soul starts shining more brightly within – opening up your true potential. This experience has given you more strength and you are more grounded than before, believing in yourself and knowing that you stand firmly on the ground, strong enough to shelter others and share your wisdom. Throughout this time, I feel that you have come to terms with many things within yourself, learned the power of acceptance and this has allowed you to grow and be in a place of love, self-love. You have also learned to trust the universe and yourself for whatever you have been through you know that something good is coming out of it - you step into your power of awareness and trust in your magic. The waters around you are calm allowing you to see clearly into the future so you can see your plans and set your sights on what you now want to bring into your changed life.


Take what’s yours!! The shy, timid, lack of self-worth part off you has been discarded – you have a feeling of rebirth and feel good within your skin, happy and accepting of yourself and proud!! Feel yourself grow – Inner peace allows you to feel more at one with yourself – now it’s time for what you deserve – what you attract and what you feel comes to you – so I feel this card is all about you feeling sexual, powerful, sensual and worthy – this will attract someone that mirrors theses emotions right back at you – it feels like it’s time either to rekindle some of the magic already in your relationship or step boldly out there and put out the vibes that you are looking for love not like before, something that really matching and satisfying the needs inside you. The King of Pentacles has the Midas touch – this is feel means you will have the touch of love if you want this month.


The personal changes in you are also affecting your work-life – there is more strength around you – feeling more grounded and in your space so if you have been feeling anxious or negative about work issue these are now overthrown as you are now ready to take charge and ready to stand up for what you want and to lead – yourself and perhaps others into a more positive, productive workspace. Now standing strong and no longer being drained by negative thinking and anxious vibes you can listen in to your heart energy and be led in the right directions being open to new opportunities and attracting conditions that are more in line with what you truly should be doing. The strength card brings harmony, peace, and balance into your work and career. Accept the challenges of change with the knowledge that change is positive for you now.


I want to be a Queen (or King!)

I love the way a reading shapes up!! all the cards are guiding you towards the same goal- raising your status and taking charge of your life. You are ready to become the queen and make your own choices. Instead of fearing your power, you will embrace it.

This is about being in charge, the queen – power and influence, embracing responsibility. Recognise that you have the ability and power to stand up and create your own life and future that you want. Free yourself from living under the scrutiny of others, the shadow of others, expectation of others that have been placed on you,

and give yourself permission to start leading the life that you truly want!!! Step into your power - the power that allows you to free yourself to make the decisions that are right for you and to forge your own true destiny. Make the rules in your life!!

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