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Keep charging ahead towards triumph – you are winning!!

Collective Tarotscope for the month of July


It feels like opportunity is right in front of you – awards may be won, deals signed and dreams are within reach. It’s been quite a ride to get this far but all determination has paid off – it feels like you are on top of things and entering into an abundant time – so don’t stop what you are doing as its working and the rewards are right there in front of you.

Maybe through the ‘covid’ experience you have become more appreciative of nature, being in the moment, recycling, caring for mother earth and the environment you are in – so you may find yourself making your home, room, office a more beautiful, sacred space where the energy flows more freely. This cleansing may extend to a clear out of your social media feed, friends you feel no longer match your vibration, clothes, and possessions that have outgrown their use - bringing new fresh energy in, brightening your energy in and out. Re-newing motivation. Out with the old and in with the new.


Whatever situation you find yourself in – this card asks that you shift your focus back to love. Ask is it really worth arguing about? Bring peace into your life by letting go of replaying certain situations and step into a place of acceptance, forgive or forget but don’t stay stuck, try looking for the positive in people instead of judging or criticizing. The only thing that matters is love - this can be self-love – love yourself enough to walk away from things that aren’t good for you or love yourself enough to be open to receive and be loved.

Believe in love again and once you open your heart the universe will match this vibration and you will feel uplifted – peace and harmony. If you find this hard – try some grounding exercises and learn to feel mother earths energy around you and trust that all that you need is within. Everything is ok when you choose love. This card is about finding balance within life so that the hard times are not so challenging - yes there can be sadness and grief but by focusing on love the rest will fade.


Keep up the focus and determination. You have the strength to achieve all that you have set out to. Challenging times have been met and are over now. Visualize successful results as if they were happening right now – be proud of your achievements however small as the more you believe in yourself and your success the more easily you will reach your goals and beat other challenges. If you need guidance don’t hesitate to reach out and listen to others for advice/help, you don’t have to achieve everything by yourself – be balanced and confident enough in your own abilities that you accept help from others if necessary.

Spiritual guidance from Kuan Yin

You may be wondering if everything is ever going to come together for you and the answer is - Yes!!! It may even happen quicker than excepted. Divine timing is always at play – so maybe it’s time to let go of control and let things happen. You have set your intentions – put your plan into action now wait for it to play out.

You are being encouraged to trust in divine timing and know that all will be well in your world your dreams and desires are manifesting now, whether it’s obvious or not, be at peace, all is well in the divine plan that is unfolding.

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