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Self-Love Spread

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot by Selena Joy Lovett and Daniela Manutius-Forster was created to help you bring forth the life you want. The cards are designed to help you deal with issues and blocks so that you can manifest your future. In this spread, the creators focus on the power of self-love…

Well, it’s been quite a ride since the start of the Covid pandemic and I feel we have been putting ourselves under a lot of strain lately, perhaps not giving credit where credits due and perhaps taking ourselves for granted so I felt drawn to do a spread about self-love, so we can see how amazing we are and celebrate where we excel.

Shuffle and ask to be shown the following – lay out 6 cards in the form that appeals

  1. What do people love about me?

  2. What are my talents and strengths?

  3. Past accomplishments I should be reminded of and be proud of

  4. How I see myself

  5. What do I need to let go off to move forward with more freedom

  6. Something I need to honour within myself

1 Ace of Wands

What do people love about me? You may not see this but others love your passion and energy for life, the uniqueness of your experiences that have made you this wondrous passionate, creative being. There is a magical spark inside of you, a gift that means that you shine as a leader when following what you feel moved by. A fire that burns shining the light for others and leading the way as your fearlessly follow your beliefs and heart. People know when they come to you with a problem that you will get things done!! Hard work, focus and dedication to your missions, helping things bloom and grow in abundance where ever you lay your attention.

2 Temperance

What are my talents and strengths? You have the ability to be fair and compassionate to all. Nurturing and calm as you try to discover the best solution, finding where life is out of balance, whether on a personal or business level. Gifted with the talent of being able to listen with patience and then peacefully bring solutions to disagreements. You can often discover just ‘the thing’ that people need to bring alignment in to their situations. You natural bring the best out of any group gathering – adding exciting to the atmosphere when things are a little flat or tranquillity if the atmosphere is charged. A great friend to seek out for fair advice.

3 Nine of Wands

Past accomplishments I should be reminded of and be proud of. You have bravely soldiered on even in dire situations. Carrying all you responsibilities and those of others – without giving up!!!! You have resiliently fought on with determination through countless situations even when tired and against the odds. You have used the life lessons that you have gone through to the benefit of yourself and others. Throughout these ordeals you focussed on and have accomplished the success that you aimed for.

4 Six of Swords

How I see myself – As things have been difficult, and there have been a lot of trying situations in the past, that you have been left dealing with and carrying all the responsibility of getting through them, this has led you to see yourself as a bit of a martyr – sometimes you feel that there is no one else that can accomplish the things that need to be done and perhaps you don’t trust people enough to get things done. So this places the weight of responsibility on you so you can often feel ignored, taken advantage of and not appreciated enough for all that you do, as others just think that you can get on with things as you always do. You see yourself as the only one that can and forget that it’s now safe to trust and let go of all the responsibility you have been baring.

5 King of Wands

Something I need to let go off to move forward with more freedom. Being in charge of everything perhaps relaxing a little and trusting the universe has your back and you don’t have to be consumed with things working out the way that you command – after a difficult period of having to stay on top of everything for yourself and others there is now almost a fear /survival mode that you are living in that is actually quite stressful – so this card is saying that although it is fine to set intentions and to want to manifest the best for your future but if you become so consumed with this control then it is actually blocking your way forward with feelings of stress, so perhaps its best to send out your intentions of what you wish to manifest to the universe and then relax and know that the universe is bringing in the best that it can in for you in divine timing and being relaxed is a more receptive energy then the tension of wanting to be in control.

6 Strength

Something I need to honour within myself. Look how strong you are!! You are so much stronger than you realise – this is something you seem to take for granted as you just expect this of yourself. You are able to use this strength to gently but firmly persuade people to do what is needed. You bring calmness and leadership into even the most stressful of situations where you can lead without shouting and force but with patience, compassion and using the wisdom learned from listening and pausing before reacting. Honour this as it is indeed a superpower.

About the authors: Selena Joy Lovett is a psychic medium, Reiki Master, mindfulness practitioner and life coach, trained in Chinese medicine, CBT and NLP counselling.

Daniela Manutius-Forster is an artist, a storyteller and a pilgrim of sacred spaces. Her love of philosophy, imagination and spirit finds creative expression in her unique art.

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot is available are published by and can be found on Amazon

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