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Tarot Scope for the month of March Earth Signs

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

What energy is passing through your life right now?

New excitement and passion passing through!! This surge of energy makes you feel unstoppable and invincible and that nothings gonna stop you – whether it's in a new relationship, new project or venture the energy is high and fast flowing - so take the plunge. Everything is falling into place and bringing balance in the areas that needed it.

What new energy is emerging for you?

The lovers card brings a sense of joy, passion, fun and love either because there is a new partner in your life, or new passion has been awakened in your current relationship. If this doesn’t resonate with you then there will be a surge of fire, love and passion within making you feel great within yourself this month. A time for developing communication and relationships within you or with others. Choices can be made from the heart – what excites you and makes your heart flutter – follow that feeling (unless it proposes a moral dilemma then this choice must be made with the knowledge that all decisions have consequences and that you are in control and charge of your decisions no one else so do what's best for you)

What action can you take to make the most out of this month?

Send out gratitude and love for all you are receiving right now. Ride this positive wave that’s flowing through your life right now and enjoy it to the full !! Fill your soul with these lovely feelings and breathe them deep within. These feelings of peace, security, happiness and love - feed your soul. A time where everything comes together. Just go with the flow and save these feelings forever.


The sign this month is one of falling in love or a positive partnership indicating a start or positive changes. Remember relationships are also about give and take. Seeing other people in your life through eyes of love may help your relationships. Sometimes this can indicate changes within a relationship suggesting that it is coming to an end – here we are to remember that people come to us for a reason and can leave when the time is right, so don’t try to fight it as this will be the most positive step for you in the long run. A lovely feeling of balance is the main energy of the month.

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