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Tarot Scope for the month of March - Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

What energy is passing through your life right now?

Seems like a time to fine tune your communication skills. Try not to go charging in to a situation shouting your mouth off!! Take time to consider your options – listen to others, investigate. Be swift with your actions and communications as it is a time to move but move with intelligence and logic rather than emotion or being fuelled by the ego and self-righteousness. Lots of inspiring energy passing through don't hesitate to harness this energy and carry out new projects.

What new energy is emerging for you?

Hard work and planting healthy seeds that will grow financially and bring success. These projects will take time to harvest and will need that you focus and put in some hard work for them to become solid, viable and worthy projects. The energy around is slower and more solid giving you time to improve and progress with your current work load. Stable time. A great time to invest and to look after your plans and projects, put time in to nurture them and encourage them to grow. Slow and steady.

What action can you take to make the most out of this month?

Competition is great as it can be the energy you need to harness to spur you on – however don’t get stuck there and too wrapped up in this emotion as it can turn negative if you then become too obsessed or concerned about what others are doing rather than focusing on you and your projects. Listen to others around you – you may not agree with what they are saying but it may make sense or help your project to move forward. Accept the ways of others, for good or bad we are all different if other doesn't conform to your way of being and living you can try to just move them to one side, try to understand them, maybe show them other ways, but don’t waste time arguing if they don’t do as you say – if you can't change them remember to try to change the way you view them ! Communication helps any conflicts.


A successful relationship usually comes down to one thing – communication. Talking through things is the answer, if you can't talk about it to the person involved then journaling is perhaps the answer. Reach out to others if you feel you haven't had a change to explain or to gain clarity or closure – this can either be done in person or written if you feel you can express, you're feeling better. A good time to tell someone how you feel.

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