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Tarotscope for February


It is the right time to set your plans into motion.

Sometimes we have to wait due to outside circumstances and divine timing but sometimes it is our own thoughts and insecurities that hold us back. Right now everything is coming together for you and you will feel that urge to start moving in the direction of your dreams. When you do the universe will synchronise events to unfold and make things easier for you.

This month it is important to believe in yourself!! It is the month to do what you want to and know that you can do this. This is your time and you are ready to gather up your knowledge, your confidence and start setting the wheels in motion to start your plans for this new chapter in your life.

Don’t be afraid you’ve got this and the universe has your back!!!

Work with the energies of the New Moon on the 1st of February harnessing the innovating energy of Aquarius to make your dreams a reality.


You have the skills and talents needed. Take time this month to ground yourself, enabling you to step into your power to manifest the rewards that you want within your work.

The King of Wands is the master of Manifesting so set your intentions this New Moon to manifest the work, promotion, or to set up your own business and then throughout the month help this to manifest by taking steps in the direction of your goals. If it’s a promotion or new job you want, help this wish along by applying for jobs, speaking to your boss, spreading the word about your intentions. Get noticed at work and take credit for what you do. If you want to start up your own business - set up your social media to advertise, create a website, print flyers - take some small steps to help your projects take shape. Embrace the full moon in Leo on the 16th to take action.


You have overcome many personal challenges and have had your feelings tested of late but it’s now time to learn from these emotions and use the experience to help you form your future and leave the energy of these challenges behind.

Within the relationship that you have with yourself and that you have with others, it is now time to ask yourself; where are you going? And where do you want to go?

Sometimes we get into relationships and just take others for granted or are taken for granted and learn to settle and accept things for what they are and maybe ignore aspects of the relationship that aren’t positive. This is a card for reflection regarding your happiness within relationships to take some time out to reassess and make any necessary changes. It may be also within the love and relationship you have with yourself, it may be time to leave old self-destructive habits behind, old thought patterns or behaviour that no longer serves you on your journey. This month is about loving yourself enough to allow time to free yourself from any outdated energy and trust in you, your instincts, your heart and your journey. Please join the Full Moon Circle to help release and heal these energies.


You are going through a transformation at the moment, which will usher in more peace to your life. However right now as you go through this time you may feel a bit unsure of what is going on especially within your energy. The Panther comes in to lead you through this change, giving you the power that you need to help you conquer any challenges and to achieve your goals.

The influence of the Panther reminds you of the natural forces of nature and how strong you have been and are. The changes that are you experiencing are part of your spiritual journey and will bring in growth and abundance of all that you need in your life as emotional and energetic blocks are removed.

Take time this month to prioritise self-care and to create a spiritual routine that helps you take care of your energy through meditation or mindfulness, grounding and healing. If you feel any anxiety about the changes that are happening this month around you, have faith that you are on the right path and peace and balance will soon replace any feelings of uncertainty.

Cards used

The Light Seers Tarot - Chris Anne

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot - Selena Lovett

The Witches Wisdom Tarot - Phyllis Curott

Earth Warriors Oracle - Alana Fairchild

All available in the store at

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