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Tarotscope for October


You are ready to shed your old self and energy to transformation. Shake off the layers that cover your beauty, your inner light so you can be the real you. It feels like you have been hiding, perhaps scared of showing the world how powerful you really are. Maybe you have been hiding behind a personality that others are comfortable with? a dimmed down version of yourself?

Start living that life you want; with passion, understanding your wants and needs and placing them above the needs of others. Setting healthy boundaries so that other peoples priorities don't become your own. It's time to become you. Become more confident within yourself, you and your gifts.

Confident literally means `with faith´ so go forth confidently on your path and have faith in your knowledge and words.

It also comes to mind the expression ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ so if you have been feeling that something just isn’t quite right, investigate the situation a little further, feel in to your gut instinct and ask yourself; why you are feeling this? What is the feeling showing or telling you? Trust your instincts.

If you are uncertain that it’s your intuition that you are tuning into and that it may be anxiety or nerves, take some time out. Sit in silence with your hand on your heart, pause, breathe yourself in to a state of calm and peace and sit in silence to listen to your inner guidance. Do this if ever you feel doubt. Listening to you throughout this month will keep you growing and expanding to your full potential, happy within your body, nurturing yourself and accepting yourself as the beautiful soul that you are.


This month you find you will make the connections that you need to; whether these are meeting the right people or making the right connections between selling and buying, words you’re writing or speaking. Things will connect and solutions to problems will appear. You'll suddenly find work flows and the path to success is within reach. Enjoy


Are you bottling up your emotions? Living sometimes in victim mode? Blaming others for any problems within relationships? I’m not saying it’s all you but whatever is going on within a relationship maybe triggering you to heal.

It's a time to tune into your past lessons to heal them, look at them and see if things you have experienced in the past can help you in your current situation. Use your experiences to enjoy to the full the current relationships in your life, not allowing past patterns to unfold again potentially spoiling things that make you happy.

Your words have power so think before you speak. Your words and vibrations are a forceful energy and create reactions and consequences so make sure you are choosing the actions that guide your relationships to the desired outcome.

If you do need help with healing reach out and I can help guide you on the next steps on your healing journey.


To make this new month work for you and your highest potential; speak, work and live from your truth. Be you!!

Speak about how you really feel, ask for what you really want and get out of your way with any negative thinking or actions therefore letting life just unfold in its magical way.

Star Seed Message

When your hearts intention is to serve humanity, doors of abundance naturally open

If you like what I do please come and support my work on Patreon - Have a look at what I offer xx Many blessings

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Thank you this really reasonates with me. I have been feeling this way and l am starting the transformation process xx

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