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Tarotscope for September

General Message

Belong to only one dream – belong to your own

Just like Alice we ought to be concerned about whether we are living our own dreams, making our owns mistakes and following our hearts and not following what others 0r how think we ought and living their dreams.  

The collective dreams of others - be it - society, culture or family - are very powerful and may influence and encourage you to live a certain way – which is fine if that is what YOU want but be careful that you don’t suddenly look around and realise you are living the star role in someone else's dream!!  and you don’t even know what you want – but you do know it wasn’t this!!!

So if you have been encouraged to live a certain way, dress a certain way -  that everyone agrees is right for you – well maybe it's time to wake up and break free from this collective dream and live within your own.  Belong to only one dream – belong to your own

Some may see this as an act of rebellion but for you it is freedom – freedom to feel, to choose, to be adventurous and allow your instinct and  your inner guidance to take over to lead you in the direction of your soul pathway, your soul's true dreams and finding fulfilment as you start living your life honoring your true feeling and ways, daring to achieve your ambitions, make your own mistakes and dress/feel/say what YOU feel.    

Yes it may mean you have to make some big decisions and yes others may not like them but life is short and if you have the opportunity and the urge to start living a different life then now is the time to admit to yourself that you want these changes and step up, take the reins of your life and lead yourself in the direction of where you feel alive and where your passion lays.


Love comes with compassion and empathy

Be open and receptive to love – the Queen of cups is loving and sensual, she needs to be shown love and has so much to give, this month is all about giving and receiving love with tenderness, sensuality and being nurturing.

In your relationship (or to attract a relationship) this month it may be a time to be gentle and loving – listening and encouraging.  Step into your peaceful persona, which will enable you to listen better to others, to yourself - your inner urges and intuition that will help you advise others and bring in closeness and empathy in relationships.  There is a lot of emotion around this month and can lead relationships into a new level or closeness and togetherness.  

Be direct and don’t play games as it's not a month to be coy!  so tell people/partners what you want whether its in the bedroom or outside of it – satisfaction comes with direct talk-

Work and Finances

A positive turning point

Don’t cling on to the past – any past fears around money or doubts about your worthiness, success and negative feelings towards work and money  - as these thoughts and habits are slowing you down – the Wheel of Fortune is turning - bringing in positive changes, but do your part to help fate along by being open to change - don’t fear it – trust that these changes will work for your benefit and these changes are part of the way of life the next stage of growth for you – with this growth there will be positive financial improvement, but bring in the Law of Attraction to help this stage along, for if you are clinging to your money  grasping it  a grumpy  Scrooge like manner and fearing spending, paying bills and moving forward it will have a hard time coming to you.  

So deep breaths and send out gratitude when you pay those bills, love your money as it comes in, enjoy your money – its all energy, love it and send out gratitude for all the abundance in your life and all that is coming your way.  

Good fortunes are on the horizon step forward to meet them, open the door and let them in!!


Creator of Prosperity

The Spider is an ingenious creator.  Its greatest gift is weaving the thread of dharma into vast intricate web that supports the spider and those around it both financially and spiritually.  It's hard work but the Spider neither tires nor becomes impatient.  

This card reminds us creativity is everywhere.   Be process-oriented (mindful) rather than results-oriented and soon your work becomes like the wean of a magical, priceless tapestry -  Abundance follows.  

If you are feeling spiritually out of balance this month – so you may feel that you are not in the zone of appreciation, enthusiasm and prosperity-  you may feel discouraged, tired, forlorn -  then bring into your life some enjoyment with being creative – raise your vibrations by bringing colour into your life, turn up the music and dance, get out into nature, meet with friends, meditate, do what makes you feel good!!! Be kind to yourself.  Set your mind and focus through using daily affirmations to help you manifest your goals.

Gratitude affirmations - Make your own or look around for one that appeals to you, I like these:

Today is a day of opportunities

I am open to them all

Knowing that I am receiving all the abundance and guidance

that I need to move forward and to be happy to a place where all my needs are met

Or a very simple

I am a money magnet !!

Have a magical month.

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Belinda McKnoulty
Belinda McKnoulty
14 sep. 2019

Love this thank you 💕


Belinda McKnoulty
Belinda McKnoulty
01 sep. 2019

Beautiful Thank you Selena 💗


Hi can I have a free card reading 😊

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