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Tarotscope for the month of December


Accept your power – where ever it lies – get to know your strengths and weaknesses and then follow them instead of trying to be or do something that perhaps isn’t using your talents in the best way.

Take some time to look over what has worked for you over the year and what really didn’t, what felt good whilst you were doing it and excites you – once you find what really makes you tic it then can give you something tangible to focus on in finding your right path forward and where your rewards will lie. It may be time to shred some pastimes that you really don’t find rewarding.

Its also a good time to speak your truth – even if it means saying things others don’t want to hear – it will help you move on getting things off your chest and stop an old story rerunning in your mind.

Its good to end some stories/situations as you approach the end of the year.

Don’t rush into speaking out – think of what you want to say and the outcome of the conversation that you want – so you stay in control of your emotions and don’t allow ego to come out and stamp its feet over an ‘adult’ conversation.

Take pride in yourself and all that you have achieved – there is more to learn on this journey but you are developing and taking huge steps in the right direction of inner happiness and fulfillment.

Work and money

Secrets are you keeping them or is someone keeping things from you ?

Follow your instincts as this month you may find that mysteries become clearer as the High Priestess comes to point out the unknown.

Whatever the deal is – what is your first reaction, instinct? Feel it and follow it as you know your stuff!! Listen to how you feel and how your body reacts to any new contracts and deals that come your way. Trust yourself your accumulated knowledge and experience and don’t be tempted into any deals that feel too good to be true.

Think carefully about work deals. Double check facts.

Within the work place think before you speak and don’t let everyone know what you are doing ~ its lovely to be open and spiritual – trusting -but sometime you need to play your cards carefully and keep things to yourself – when it comes to work, deals and money – silence is good this month. Have patience and remember to trust yourself this month - your instincts and all that you have been learning.


Have you been ignoring what’s important to you – that special person or yourself??

Make sure this month that you invest time and energy into the relationship that’s significant to you – don’t spread yourself too thin, so prioritize and spend time on what is you want to grow and have success in - looking after yourself and keeping the balance in your partnership - the energy of this card sometime speaks of too much excess or lack? See how this fits into your life – maybe spending too much time together ? There is alot of good passionate energy around in the relationship and the energies are high but don’t overdo it – send time apart and set special times to be together getting the full benefit of the passion.

If you are struggling with your relationship this month maybe reaching out to others for help If you are not in a relationship then reach out to others to help your achieve the relationship that you want – this maybe asking for friends to set you up- online dating – getting out and socialising. And don’t let everything else distract you from your dreams there are always lost of excuses not to go out or join a dating services etc....... but its a good time to work on your dreams of a successful romantic partnership


Have absolute faith that your dream is manifested

If you have been indoors for too long you can recapture your personal power by stepping outside – this will help you reawaken your magical and spiritual nature. Perform a new or full moon ritual, walk in the dew in the morning or the light of the moon. Listen to nature and allow yourself to feel the power of spirit and the light that is around us all connecting us all together and connecting us to the energy of our dreams. Allow the light of the sun and the moon and the starts to stir the ancient memories that may be dormant. Recall the times of your magical abilities and then put them to use for the good of the entire planet. Make clear decisions of what you want to bring into your life and how you want to be living in the new year that is upon us then focus on manifesting these visions. Have faith that you will manifest your dreams and know with certainty that you deserve all that is coming to you.

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