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Tarotscope for the month of January


Decisions will lead to transformation

Time to take a bit of a detached view of yourself and your life – using more wisdom and not so much emotion – this may mean looking at the truth - as it is - the reality of situations – with the truth in your mind and sight this will enable you to have a clear view of the future that you want . You will be able to use this clear space to allow new situations and opportunities to come into your life. Being authentic will empower you and enable you to speak your truth and to take firm steps forward with plans that you have had in your mind for awhile. Viewing your life from this higher sight – you will see logically the steps you need to take to continue the game of life in the best direction fulfilling your plans, dreams and wishes – stepping firmly in to the power of being you - the one you have dreamed about and talked about being


Imagine the new possibilities

There seem to be many choices around you and many dreams and ideas – so now is a time to carefully mull over these opportunities to see which one is most suitable and do-able for you.

This means taking a practical view of these visions – and weaning out the ones that maybe fantasy – not that that may be wrong but you must look at the ones that are just an illusion – so take these dreams visions and work them to see which ones will grow wings and fly - become successful. Bring the ides out of the darkness and do what you need to do to make them happen – visit your bank for funding, get more advise, join forces with another visionary to help grow these plans. Whatever you do - don’t just stay in dreamy town - stop procrastinating and get busy!!


Be careful what you wish for ‘cos you might just get it !!!

The star – wishes come true!!! Whatever you have you heart set on will make its way to come into your life – this may mean letting go of some old emotions, cutting the cords and perhaps even changing the directions of your dreams (or the main character) but however this plans out for you it will be for your highest good. The star energy is filled with healing and as the pain and hurt flows away this leaves room for happiness and love. Starting the year in a state Inner peace, that’s mirrored in your relationship.


Feel the fear and do it anyway

There is a strong feeling when you get this card that it’s time to leave the past behind somehow, because you are heading in the right direction.

If you want to be happy and fulfilled, you need to get going towards doing the thing that scares you!! Within reason!! This card urges you to do something different with your life and direction – to take action so that you are willing to follow through and lead the life that you incarnated to life.

Find the courage and take the leap of faith!!! You will ask yourself - why did I wait so long?!!! Heading towards destiny

Overall feeling for the New Year 2020!!!

At this start of the new year we are reminded that we are part of nature – it appears to be a time to question – what seeds did you plan last years – did they come to fruitation? What do you need to bring in or release in order to move on?

Spirit asks you to reach within to seek the balance within your life and work. If you are feeling restless or emotional – out of sorts - then ask sprit to help guide you forward. Bring some meditation or mindful actions into your life and give gratitude for all that you have as you materialise that that you don’t. Embrace any aspect of you which is devoid of light and eliminate that that does no longer serve you (be it habits or people) with gratitude and lessons learned. Balance will be achieved and you will be able to rest and enjoy the fruitation of your personal growth and material harvest.

Cards Used

Salvador Dali Tarot

Viceversa Tarot

Tarot de la Nuit

Moonology Oracle

Witches Wisdom Oracle

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