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Psychic & Mediumship Development

Work with me in Private Tailor Made 1 to 1 classes

The six-week mentorship can be extended to suit your developmental needs. I will assess what you already know to customize this course to your needs. 

We can focus on developing your psychic senses and mediumship skills or spend the full six weeks just understanding one modality.

Over the six weeks, we can develop;

● your psychic senses: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairgustance and Clairfragrance.

● connecting with your psychic guide

● receiving a psychic prompt

● learn to experience colours

● pick up and understand emotions and auras from people and photos

● learn to intuitively read the oracle

● practise how to give a good reading for your clients

● incorporate divination tools (charms, tarot, oracle, ribbon, scrying)

● remote viewing

● PLUS whatever is needed for your personal development.

Within the Mediumship modality:

● build your connection

● learn to ‘Sit in the Power’

● learn to blend with Spirit

● gain evidence from Spirit

● bring through information

● learn to recognise your connection

● separate your connections

● conduct a professional reading

● learn how to do a hybrid reading.

I will also give you valuable information on how to set up a spiritual business.

Please contact me and together we can chat via email or on a clarity Zoom call and we can design a course that suits your needs.


WHEN: ongoing (start at any time)

WHERE: online via Zoom

TIME AND DAY: to suit

MENTORING PROGRAM LENGTH: 6 weeks (valid over a 3 month period)

SESSION LENGTH: 2.5 hours approx per session x 6

COST: £699 (payment plan available)


● A handmade journal to document your journey.

● Ongoing support

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