Learn Oracle with myself and Psychic Medium Dawn Smith

The ultimate guide to reading Oracle cards through your intuitive senses.


Thank you so much for your interest in the Certified Oracle Course 


​Payment plan available 

The Next Course runs from the 17th to 18th February from 9 to 1

BUY NOW AT THE EARLY BIRD PRICE of £125 until 1st February


Join us on this journey discovering and learning Oracle 

​Learn how to read Oracle with insight to give empowering guidance to yourself and your clients.

​At the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge needed to work professionally as an Oracle Card reader.

​The classes will be via Zoom - you can join us live or receive the recording after the lesson 

Both classes are approx 4 hours long


This course offers you both personal awareness of your own energy, your workspace, grounding, rituals, interpretation techniques and professional delivery with tools, techniques and a free downloadable workbook and journal to keep

We have both been using and loving Oracle for many years, reading professionally for about 6 years


On the Course: How to read Oracle Cards - Divination with Confidence, we can help you choose and connect to your cards, we will look in-depth at all the imagery so that you understand the meanings within  - we will help you bring to life the deeper meanings, using your intuitive senses to understand the subtle queues embedded within the cards.

As well as learning all about the cards and how to interpret the meanings you will learn how to tell a story with the cards by linking them together, how to ask questions, create a Ritual for your readings and energy, how to find blocks, interpret colours, and link to the Chakras, how to make and use spreads, reading with your intuition.

Finally how to take the next step into reading professionally setting up social media etc...  There is a certificate issued by us and the Spiritual Workshop Community and we are available to answer any questions, a facebook group will be available for support for 6 weeks after the course is completed.


You will learn ALL you need to learn to start reading cards professionally and accurately


For £150 you can become a professional Oracle Card Reader


Sign up now before the 1st of February and get a special price of £125

The ultimate guide to reading Oracle cards

£150.00 Regular Price
£125.00Sale Price


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