To reserve please either email me for availability or pay and 

then email me to arrange an appointment - Appointments available from the 8th of March.  The Tarot Course Starts on the 11th March. 

Thank you xx

Exclusive Services

A personal reading can help empower you so that you are in charge of your future and that you make the right choices for yourself! 


There Is No Other Tool On Earth That Can Provide Insight, Knowledge and Guidance Like a Psychic Reading. 

A reading can help you see where you can improve your life by making some changes and help you gain clarity and healing in your situation. ​

When you have a reading, I receive messages at this moment in time that can help you, empower yourself so that you can take the appropriate actions and make the best decisions for your highest good.  Armed with insight and knowledge you can change your actions, decisions and your life.

An accurate and insightful psychic reading can help you discover what is holding you back from the happiness and fulfilment that you deserve in your life.

  • 30 Minutes Video Call


    Whatever your issue, romance, career, soul purpose -  we can organise a convenient time to connect online via Zoom (or skype etc) and talk about where you need insight.

    Guidance through a psychic reading will be able to help you understand what you are going through, empower you and we can find solutions to improve your situation. 


    Call last approx 35 minutes - however, if we are in the middle of something I will not end the conversation so the time is approx. Video zoom call can be recorded and sent to you to keep.

  • Recognise and release your  blocks 


    Do you feel that something is holding you back?  That you seem to repeat the same patterns in your life? That you sometimes get so close to what you want then it gets messed up somehow? Discover deep inside what is holding you back from the happiness and fulfilment that you deserve in your life.

    ***Live video reading & Distant healing***

    With insight from spirit, and using tarot, Chakra Cards, and Angel cards that will guide me to find the best form of healing to send you to unblock your energy allowing you to move on.

    I use various forms of healing (T.I.M.E,Reiki,  Heavens Healers, and Angel energy) for your highest good

  • 30 minute recorded reading


    This reading delves into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life. Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible. Don’t leave it to chance, and get the information you’ve been seeking regarding.  Send me all of your questions and I will record your reading and send the video privately - This recorded Psychic Reading is approximately 30 minutes

  • Hybrid Reading  

    Special offer Usually £66    NOW ONLY         £45​

    I have created this reading to be able to give you the best of both.

    During this reading, I shall start off connecting with your loved ones in spirit bringing forth the essence of them and a message for you then I shall use my Tarot Cards to gain psychic insight and guidance for you about your future and give guidance on your current situation.


    I allow the flow of communication to go where the focus needs to be for you. So you receive the messages, healing, and insight that you need.​ 

    Readings can be conducted in-person or via zoom. Your reading will be recorded and you will be provided access to a recording

    Reading Lasts approx 30 minutes 


  • 10 mins Recorded Reading


    Insight to help guide you through your situation and to pinpoint issues you maybe should be aware of. When you understand a situation better you can then change/control your destiny.  Email me all of you questions and I will record a video (approx 10 mins) 

  • Energy Healing 



    Over many years I have been so lucky enough to studied with some amazing teachers that have taught me a number of different forms of energy healing.  I am a Reiki Master and do teach courses.  I have studied Karuna Reiki, Chakra Healing/cleansing/balancing, Quantum Touch Healing, Hands of Light healing, Pendulum balancing, Chios Healing, The Doctors from Heaven, and T.I.M.E _ Angel healing (explained below).  

    When I start to work with you I intuitively use the healing methods that I am drawn to for your highest good.  After I have sent the distance healing I send a video explaining what I have done and any messages that I have been given for you.

    What is TIME©?
    TIME© stands for Theocentric Interactive Magnetic Energy©. This is a healing method that was inspired by the Archangels and a collective of spirit guides called The Healers. I am attuned to TIME©, and connected with Spirit Guides, Archangels and the Ascended Masters who work through me, using the physical body as a vessel to disperse healing energy.

    During this distance healing, I will call on my Spirit Guides, Angels and Masters for guidance and then connects to the higher self of the person receiving the healing. A clearing of the auric field is then done followed by scanning to look for any imbalances or blockages in the chakras. Once these are found, I send energy to you - the experience can only be described as energy being pulled by a magnet. All of the chakras are cleared and aligned using this method. At the end of the session, I will ask if there are any messages to be given to the person receiving the healing to come through from the Guides, Angels and Masters.

    After I have completed the session the Angels and Guides will continue the process on any areas that were blocked or imbalanced. 


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