Spirit Guide Attunement 


New Course Starts 2022

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Are you curious about Spirit Guides and the part they play in your life, have you ever wondered how they try to communicate with you or if you even have one?  Have a look behind the scenes at how we came to create this course.  Click here


This course will help you hear/feel the messages your guides are sending you.


Everybody has a Spirit Guide in fact there are many different types of Guides who all have a role to play in guiding and supporting us.


Understand how to connect with your own true self through meditation opening up the pathway to communication and Spirit Guide awareness.

Learn about the importance of setting intentions.  Strengthen your connection to the divine.

Become more open to guidance on your path to higher awareness and deeper intuition.


Once you have a good connection with your guide we will help you to receive messages and guidance through Automatic channelled writing and how to recognise the feeling of when you are connected.

The  Workshop will be led by accredited Psychic Mediums Selena Joy and Dawn Smith.  It will take place over Zoom, during these four weeks we will help to prepare you to open up to the wonderful connection to your Guide, it's a wonderful experience.

Connect to your Spirit guide course;


  • Receive a channel message from Dawn's Guide One Feather

  • What is a spirit guide?

  • Discover what types of spirit guides there are and roles within your life

  • Learn how to connect and discover your guides

  • Ways to build a relationship with spirit guides

  • Angels

  • Attunement & meditations

  • Channel messages from your guide

  • Build communication

  • Receive a Calling Card from your guides

  • Be more open to this higher connection

  • Be able to connect easily with your guides when you want after the course

  • receive guidance and insight from your guides

  • Be more aware of your energy and vibration

  • Bring your guide in to connect and heal yourself and transmit healing energy to others

Complete training, workbook and downloadable meditation


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Doors are open to secure your place, as there are limited spaces available, you may be added to a waiting list if the current workshop is full.

There are various courses starting so please contact me to put your name on the list and then we can find the most convenient date and time for you.