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Create Spiritually Channeled Soul Cards

Do you want to connect deeper with your guides? Building on this beautiful relationship? Receive uplifting messages that will enrich your life and that of others?

Create your unique channelled by spirit soul guidance cards



Learn to deepen your connection to your Spirit Guide

to channel messages from your Guides and your higher self for insight and guidance 

With these channelled messages Accredited Psychic Mediums Dawn Smith and Selena Joy Lovett

will guide you to create a deck of Spirit Cards infused with your magic to help you with daily inspiration, meditation and for you to use to enhance and personalise your readings and ability to guide others in need of your advice.

6 week Course starts   TBA  message to reserve place

During this course, you will be helped to create this special deck.  You will be helped to connect with your guides, receive relevant messages, design your cards and create a deck of cards

You don't need to know how to draw all you will need is some time and the desire to develop your spiritual journey! that and pen, paper and some card stock.  You will be guided on how to put everything together in this exciting project.


Image by KOBU Agency
Fortune Telling Cards
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