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 Support for lightworkers & empaths - treat yourself to a recharge with a monthly cleansing  healing  - enhancing your gifts as you make space to deepen your connection with source

Commit to your Healing Journey, keep your vibration high and care for your energy - by subscribing to these events 

​Monthly Womb Healing Gatherings*​& Private Group, Womb Workbook,​ Monthly Angel or Goddess card group recorded reading, New Moon Magic Manifesting

No upcoming events at the moment
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Reiki & Angel Reiki Healing Circle

Gift yourself peace - Join a sacred healing circle and energy the cascading Reiki energy bringing you back into balance

Collective consciousness is powerful, and when multiple people direct their energies toward one focus or goal, the results can be astounding.

Join in to receive and share Reiki Energy. I heal with Reiki, Angel Reiki and ancient Sacred Symbols.

Feel the benefits of experiencing this healing journey - receive reiki and a chakra balancing meditation to bring alignment and peace to your energy.

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Accredited Reiki1  Self Healing

Are you Ready for this life changing experience? As you heal, your vibration changes, you vibrate higher - attracting peace and abundance into your life and positively effecting those around you as you emit this positive energy - the ripple effect of Reiki will be felt worldwide.

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