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VIP Tarot Club

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Dear Tarot Enthusiast,

Are you ready to take your tarot game to the next level?

● Do you know how to read tarot cards but have never really practised?

● Would you like to learn more and feel more confident?

● Do you want to discover tools that will help you?

● Are you interested in developing your psychic senses?


Join the VIP Tarot Club which is open to tarot readers of all levels–from beginners to the more advanced! We meet up once a month (usually the last Thursday of the month) to give and receive readings, have fun and connect with like-minded individuals as we support and encourgae each other along the way.

I will also organise practice readings with others to encourage you to become a confident reader. You’ll get the chance to go Live in my Facebook Group for practice to build up your own business and clientele.


I have been using and loving Tarot for about 30 years, reading professionally for many years and have written and co-created a Tarot deck ‘The Journey To Enlightenment’ published by Watkins and ‘The Steps to Enlightenment’ Tarot book (available on Amazon) I have also published a Tarot for Beginners course with Watkins.


In the VIP club, we will:


● Look at different tarot cards and how to connect with them.

● Take an in-depth look at all the cards so that you really understand them.

● Bring the Major Arcana, the 4 suits, and the Court cards to life, so that they talk to you and give you the insight needed.

● Learn how to tell a story with the cards by linking them together.

● Learn how to ask the right questions.

● Create a ritual for your readings and energy.

● Discover where to find blocks.

● Make and use spreads and tarotscopes.

● Learn more about psychic protection.

● Work with Tarot spells.

● Discover Tarot Manifesting.

● Start reading intuitively.

● Use the cards to identify shadows and anything else that comes up that needs to be covered!!

● Work with different spreads.

● Have access to recorded tips and Tarot Spells.

● Turn to the Tarot for guidance.

● Learn how to take the next step into reading professionally, setting up social media, etc.



WHEN: ongoing (join at any time)

WHERE: online via Zoom

TIME AND DAY: the last Thursday of every month (click here for the schedule)

MEETING LENGTH: 90 minutes per class


● £15 per month

● Free for ‘Empowerment Group´ students (click here for more information)


● One Tarot Circle a month

● Membership to the facebook VIP group & live practise

● Tarot spreads, spells and meanings

● Work on your psychic development


To book, click here

For further information, please contact Selena here,

Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • VIP Tarot Club

    Every month
    Practise with confidence
    • One Tarot Circle a month
    • Vip Group
    • Tarot Sreads
    • Tarot Spells
    • Tarot meanings
    • Tarot Practise within live facebook group
    • Psychic Development
  • Oracle & Tarot VIP

    Every month
    2 circles a month. 1 Tarot practice and 1 Explore and Journal with Oracle Cards
    • Vip Tarot Circle
    • Oracle Exploration & Journaling Monthly Gathering
    • Both circles will be recorded to keep or if you cant attend
  • Transform

    Every month
    Full Moon Womb Healing Clear Ancestral wounds & step into Divine feminine power
    • Monthly Full Moon Healing Journey
    • Private Group
    • Workbook for Womb Whispers & Intention settings
    • Recorded Card for the Group (Angel or Goddess Reading)
  • Empower

    Every month
    Transform, Empower & Manifest
    • Monthly Full Moon Womb healing circle
    • New Moon Manifesting circle - Message & Intentions ritual
    • VIP Access to The Tarot Club Circle
    • Oracle Exploration & Journaling Circle
    • 13th Rite of the Womb and Workbook to pass on the Rite
    • Psychic Protection & Energy Care Video
    • This means 4 circles per month!!!
    • Recorded Group card reading (Angel or Goddess)
    • Workbook and Journaling Prompts for Self Care and Intentions
    • Moon workbook
    • Higher self & Pack up your worries Meditation
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Welcome to the Tarot Club

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