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Watkins Wisom Academy

When I first spoke with Watkins Wisdom Academy, after creating the Journey to Enlightenment Tarot Cards, about making a Discover Tarot Course for Beginners – I  was so excited!!!  I also felt, well so very honoured as I recognise that they publish and know so many other talented Tarot Readers.  It was also exciting as it also meant me heading off to London to film the course and be in a studio, so of course the inner 20-year-old actress still inside of me began singing  - They’re gonna put me in the movies !! 

However, with the start of 2020  and the covid restrictions,  it looked like it just wasn’t going to happen!!! So eventually, the only solution was to film it at home!!!  So that meant finding a time when the house was empty of teenager music and doors slamming, my dogs barking at the inevitable Amazon package arrival (as we couldn’t go out and shop), and for my yappy neighbours' dogs to sleep!!!!  It also helped to catch the sun at the right time as then the lighting was easier!!!


However, even when I had the ideal conditions - this whole project wouldn’t have got together if it wasn’t for the wonderful patient Klaus Herold who instructed me on what the hell I was doing and guided me on what I needed to do all of this !! Oh technology!!!   So with tripods, microphone and lights set up I was good to go !!!  It was harder than anticipated mainly as my brain doesn’t engage well with my mouth!! and I would get my words twisted up or as I watched it back I would realise that; oh my!  yes, I  am passionate about tarot as I have repeated that same sentence 3 times in 5 minutes!!!! But thanks to modern technology at the editing skills of Klaus and all at Watkins I am so pleased to say that the course is ready to watch!!!  


At the moment there is a discount of 30% with the coupon code tarot30. 


So if you would like to please pop over and watch the finished version!!!!

Link to Watkins Tarot Masterclass



This in-depth introductory course teaches you all the basics you will need to use and enjoy Tarot. It will enable you to understand yourself better and to give insightful, empowering readings to your loved ones, friends or clients.

Tarot communicates in a special way helping to show the way forward, giving encouragement and makes you realize that you are always connected and never alone. You just need to ask for guidance and advice will be offered, tools to help calm your mind and ways of unblocking emotions to reveal to you the best ways forward to start living to your full potential.

This course will help you connect to your cards. We will look in-depth at all the cards so that you understand them. It will help you bring to life the Major Arcanas, the 4 suits, and the Court cards so that they talk to you and give you the insight needed. As well as learning all about the cards and their meanings you will learn how to tell a story with the cards linking them together, how to ask questions, create a Ritual for your readings and energy, how to find blocks and using the cards to identify shadows, make and use spreads, and reading with intuition.


THE VIDEO LESSONS  (2 hours and 52 minutes total)

1 – Introduction to Reading the Tarot (35:35 mins)

2 – The Major Arcana  (35:45 mins)

3 – The Minor Arcana: The Suit of Cups (20:12 mins)

4 – The Minor Arcana: The Suit of Pentacles (15:53 mins)

5 – The Minor Arcana: The Suit of Swords (17:49 mins)

6 – The Minor Arcana: The Suit of Wands (14:55 mins)

7 – Getting Started with Tarot Spreads (27:27 mins)

8 – End of Course Summary (3:51 mins)

Selena Joy Lovett is a psychic medium, Reiki Master, mindfulness practitioner and life coach, trained in Chinese Medicine, CBT and NLP counselling. She works with the Tarot to guide seekers forward on a journey of enlightenment, helping them release any negative energy preventing them from achieving their goals. Daniela Manutius-Forster is an artist, a storyteller and a pilgrim of sacred spaces who has travelled the world pursuing her love of philosophy, metaphysics, future thinking, imagination and spirit.

“I love Tarot and hope through this course that you will too. Tarot has always been part of my life – firstly for fun – helping me make decisions …how best to get through the day? what to do?! Over my journey my tarot really helped guide me on my path helping me connect with my inner emotions, guiding me in the right way forward – not just to give general guidance of the outcome of a situation but I turned to tarot when I was completely at a loss of direction and confused to how I felt, what I was supposed to be doing? and where I wanted to go? and what was I to do?! When my path was completely blocked I realised what the tarot was there for, not just to predict, but to help dig deep for answers that under normal circumstances take years of talking, counselling and understanding to get to – they were the key to help me connect to spiritual guidance.”  – Selena Joy Lovett

Selena’s own deck, The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot, will be published by Watkins in February 2021.

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