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Collective Tarotscope for the Month of May

The worst has passed and the best is on the horizon


There may seem as though there has been a negative cloud over you lately however this negatively will nudge you in to a positive place – this is because it may have caused you to look at things differently, communicated or collaborated with more people and taken other opinions onboard so this energy will bring you to a new place. You are learning alot about yourself and others as you perhaps have more time or willingness to listen and learn. Sometimes what appears to be negative is actually just change – this change is bringing in new energy – getting back to basics, being grateful for perhaps the things that you have taken for granted so you are actually focusing more on the important things in life – health, happiness, people, friends, family and yourself – what this is then doing (as what you focus on grows) will grow the area of your life which makes you happy that maybe you had been ignoring. This will bring in balance and harmony. The universe will give, if you send out the clear intention, so keep focussed on what you want to receive and don’t let negativity block your desires.


Treasure what you have in front of you – there is alot of healing energy around love and relationships right now. Maybe as you have been forced to slow down due the worlds situation – it has shown you the vulnerability of life, you may have felt like reaching out to others and letting bye gone be by gones, there is love around, forgiveness and putting things into perspective – keeping family and friends close brings in a sense of security and for those alone I feel this has awakened a sense of love as you recognise your depth and self worth. It feels like a time that things start coming together for your highest good – even if right at this time it doesn’t feel like it – magic is working and you have a heart full of love that is building you a secure and stable relationship with others and yourself. You are stronger than you ever realised and blessed in so many ways


This is an ambitious card about owning the world and being on top of the world, it is the ultimate card for when you need to be confident in what you are doing and to go for what you want – so this I feel may mean that even though times maybe difficult you are going to step into the energy of being the best version of yourself and step up within the work/career you are currently in or if any change comes along it will be more apt for you. The 1oth house is about the advancement of your reputation and looking at the big picture – so right now if you are going through uncomfortable or unstable change as the world moves through these difficult times, don’t worry as right now you have to set your eyes on the outcome - of where this will lead you - so ride the wave as it will take you to dry stable land – where you become in a place that you will be recognised for your success and your efforts are applauded - This card is also about you reap what you sow so if you have been working and planning things will suddenly start to grow for you as you get back all that you have been giving. The 10th house is about recognition/fame for your achievements – Life is calling so now it’s time for you to do what you have to do!! There is success and completion and a feeling of satisfaction so don’t fall in to the negative trap the media talk about and dome and gloom - believe in yourself and set your goals knowing that the universe has your back and will support your chosen route.


The violet angel is appears when something new is on the horizon – a sign that wonderful coincidences and changes that you have longed for are on their way at last The worst has passed and the best is on the horizon.

Soon the new dawn will awaken and your energy will flow again and you will feel reconnected to your internal power your spirit will blossom and your intuition will lead more stronger than ever - dawn time may be the best time to plan your projects and be open to your intuition !!

With fresh hope after a difficult time, something new breaks through and shows evidence of its approach and with it your new reality. You have good reason to feel optimistic and like something permanent has changed as you are on the verge of a new day and something strong and bright will come. Be patience enjoy this new time, enjoy the moment, the change, the birth of a new time you have longed for. Gratitude and awakenings and trying new things are all on the agenda when this beautiful violet angel of spiritual awakenings flies into your life.

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