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1-2-1 Mentoring Program

Empower yourself to live the life you were meant to live!!

What's the biggest block in your way of living the life that you want the life that you envisage? I hate to say usually it's you!! We are our own worst enemies. We want things and set intentions to manifest the life we want. But we often block the gifts the universe is bringing us with negative thoughts or behaviour patterns or even energy blocks held within us or those passed down on our Ancestral lineage.


With this mentoring program tailor-made for you we will work towards your goals and create peace, balance and abundance in your life. Together we can move past this to discover what it is you actually want, where you are now and what blocks you have to work through. Then we can use healing, journaling, and channelling to receive insight from spirit, guidance from your womb, and your chakras. Chakra cards and Oracle cards will guide us to find the best form of healing to send you to unblock your energy and allow you to move on.


Through womb healing (Ancestral Healing) and Soul Retrieval and other forms of healing, the blockages you’re facing will be removed–but this doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes it gets a bit messy. It requires a commitment of your time and energy.  But the results will be well worth it!!

My approach isn't just about healing past traumas. I am committed to uncovering your unique talents and abilities, and helping you build self-esteem and confidence. My goal is to facilitate a deep connection with your inner voice, so you don't have to play small and make others feel comfortable.

During our discussion, we'll explore various healing tools that can be easily integrated into your daily routine. We'll also delve into the lifestyle and mindset changes that can support your inner transformation as you work towards achieving your goals and finding harmony in your life.

WHEN: ongoing (start at any time)

WHERE: online via Zoom

TIME AND DAY: to suit

MENTORING PROGRAM LENGTH: 6 weeks (valid over a 3 month period)

COST: £899 pounds (payment plan available)


  • Ongoing support

  • womb/ancestral healing

  • Past life healing

  • Chakra rebalancing

  • Inner child healing

  • Release and know your blocks

  • 6 healing sessions and readings

Best Value




Coaching and Mentoring 121

Valid for 3 months

Counselling Session

Womb Healing

Release and know your blocks

Live Psychic Reading

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