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Free Meet your Spirit Guide Event & New Oracle Cards

Connect to your Animal Spirit Guide & Receive a Message from The Art of Compassion Oracle Deck

Join me via Zoom on the 19th of December at 5.30 pm GMT to have a chat about our Animal Spirit Guides and to receive a message from the new oracle deck The Art of Compassion. Then we will join together in a sacred circle to invite in our Animal Spirit Guides and receive a message from our guide and learn how to become more aware of our Animal Spirit.

The Art of Compassion Oracle was created to strengthen our spiritual connection to the animal world. This beautifully illustrated, versatile 100-card deck features illustrations by 53 artists spanning 18 countries. Each card offers a message on the reverse side, so there is no little booklet you need to keep referring to.

Using the deck can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You could pull a card for the day or work with the element groups and use various spreads. How you use the deck is up to you.

Everyone involved in creating this oracle deck is a member of The Art of Compassion Project. The AoCP is an international art collective that aims to support the compassionate lifestyle of veganism by donating 100% of proceeds from various art projects to non-profit vegan organizations. Through this effort, we also aim to build a strong international community of vegan artists who share the same vision—to use their art as a means to spread the vegan message.

All the proceeds from the sale of the deck go to VegfestUK.

Illustrated by these 53 artists.

Watch Selena’s YouTube video about the cards

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