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Updated: Apr 15, 2023

This New Moon in Aries is the start of the astrological new year. It's exciting as it allows us to reset, restart and focus on our most important intentions. So whatever we had set when we made our new year resolutions in January or our wishes and intentions in the past we can really sort them out and focus on them harnessing the energy of this New Moon.

This also helps us on our personal journey as we consider where we are, where we want to go, and how we want to feel.

I feel this is ideal as it offers us the chance to start again, so if you feel you have taken a bit of a wrong turn or things aren’t going as well as planned you can begin again or adjust the destination!!

If you would like to supercharge your manifesting you can always join in the New Moon Manifesting Gathering – reach out for more details

Here is a New Moon Spread that I have done for the collective that are going to see it!!

About what the New Moon Means for you and how to navigate the energy.

1st card - Your Passion What is it that really drives you your inner fire? Not what others expect or perhaps what pressure you have placed on yourself but the inner YOU

This New moon it feels like things will be taken out of your hands and there will be changes whether you like them or not. This may mean you will be pulled out of your comfort zone into the limelight. This will lead you to follow your heart, your soul and be led towards following the path of purpose.

This push will take you into a state of awakening where you will feel the shift into alignment and balance. Things may just suddenly click into place and then you’ll think this is what I have been waiting for! This was what was missing!!!! Bringing about a feeling of being at home, more grounded and confident in yourself. Moments of ah-ha and epiphanies!!!! Creating more space as worry and illusion falls and you can breathe more freely, deeper with faith and trust knowing your next steps are in the direction of your path.

2nd card - The Challenge

The challenge is to have faith!!! Allow the illusions to fall. Surrender to these changes that are taking place because they are going to happen! so instead of fighting and pulling against the tide, just hold on. Breathe and trust that these changes are for your highest good. You will be shredding the weight of the stress you have been holding and the pressure of trying so hard. As this falls away allow yourself to be pushed in the right direction.

This doesn’t mean that you have been going in the wrong direction but perhaps if you feel that things haven’t been working out for you, it may be that you haven’t been listening to source or have been trying too hard or in a way that you feel is the right way but it needs some adjusting for it to work and as always divine timing - so this is happening now.

3rd card - How to move through the challenge

Count your blessings as you are surrounded by them and the more you focus on what you have and what you want to attract into your life the more blessings will come. If you find this time of transition hard - make sure you rest, listen to your body and its needs, don’t overdo things, ground yourself with meditation or go outside and walk slowly connecting to mother earth, remember to nourish and honour your body, stay away from harsh news, people or energy to allow space for you to just be you.

4th card - Outcome

You get to where you should be. Reaping all the benefits of the seeds you have planted. All the energy that you have sent out comes back and you get the peace and inspiration you need. Things start to go your way. You bloom in this energy of freedom and feel supported in your growth. At peace as you step into the real you stripping away the mask that you have worn to get by or to fit in a space you weren’t meant for. This has been depleting your energy so now you feel renewed and you find your voice, the real you.

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