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New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading

I hope to see you in the New Moon Circle - healing and intention settings tonight at 6pm gmt

  1. What’s unfolding – More balance within your money as projects grow and blossom. A feeling of being more grounded as you are drawn to nurture and care for yourself brings balance to allow for your spiritual growth to unfold.

  2. What starts with this new moon - Transformation - as you begin to see yourself as others see you, a being of spiritual light. All the wisdom you have gained through some harsh lessons brings a breakthrough as you harness these experiences to help yourself and others see the light.

  3. What do I need to release - fear – fear of things working out and the habit of expecting the worst of people or of situations, trust that things are put in your path for the right reasons and start to look up at the spiritual support around you instead of looking down and hiding.

  4. New energy I need to use - Gratitude – look at the abundant offerings that the world brings in – look at the love around you, the gifts of Mother Nature and things you may take for granted.

  5. Mantra - I am not my past. I am free to feel and accept love. I am worthy and deserve the very best.

  6. Message from the Moon Goddess - love yourself moonchild, for you are a being of such beautiful light. The time of transformation has come so embrace the changes and allow yourself to fly and believe in the magic that’s accessible to you - with the power of love and your thoughts. Love yourself, set boundaries and speak your truth so the vibration you send out is matched by the universe to bring you all you want and need.

New Moon Blessings

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