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Tarot Scope for the month of March

FIRE SIGNS - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

What energy is passing through your life right now?

In order for you to move forward to a positive place it feel like there is something you have to let go of, there are some emotions that you have to face, feel and then do what you have to, to let go of them, whether that is having a moan, crying, screaming, stamping your feet (or all of them!) whatever it takes to make you accept the hurt or loss and then allow yourself to let go and allow the pain and blockage to be gone. Take some time to heal and release and forgive. This will bring new clarity to your life.

What new energy is emerging for you?

With this release – space is created and this allows opportunities that have been around you on the outer edge of your energy to come closer. There are many choices and options this month, things that you have wanted to manifest are around you. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, apathetic or distracted to see them so.....

What action can you take to make the most out of this month?

Time to mediate on what you want let go of and to sit in your own energy and look at the options life is offering you – then start to make decisions as to what option is best for you and for your highest good. If you are feeling uncertain, take some time to reflect, consider where you are and where you want to be, you have a great solid base so now is the time to step forward and act on your plans – it's sort of a stay and be stuck or move now and accept the positive future of bringing your dreams into reality. Moonology The waning moon points to what is falling away. Life goes in circles and sometimes we need some down time or to let go. So, what do you need to release? If you need help letting go take a moment to look up to the skies at night and watch the changes in the moon and reflect on how she doesn’t cling to anyone or any situation. After the period of letting go begins the regeneration period.

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