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Tarot Scope for the month of March Air Signs

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

What energy is passing through your life right now?

A time for inner reflection, working on trusting yourself and your instincts and intuitions. A time for accepting you can only do so much and that there is time for all the different energy phases that you have – if you learn to work with your inner flow – cherishing your energy, resting when needed nurturing when needed and being full on productive when you feel in the zone, going with your flow will help you feel more connected more productive and more in touch with the universal energy. With this acceptance the energy that passes through awakens and leaves connected your intuition, harness this feeling and flow with it and use this to guide you through.

What new energy is emerging for you?

With this guidance you are being lead to make a decision in your life, perhaps one that you have been avoiding for a while, maybe a situation you haven't really wanted to look at or admit, or one you just wanted to ignore – you are being urged to take action and decide which choice will take your nearer to your highest good, which decision fulfills you more and what will bring more ease and peace to your world. Hiding doesn’t solve anything and this energy that is emerging shows that you can now make a stand and take control – making the decision that is right for you. The High priestess energy that has been passing through has shown you the answer and the choice that you are to make if you take time to mediate on this choice you will be shown the decision best for you. Trust yourself and the guidance of the universe.

What action can you take to make the most out of this month?

There is some swift movement around after taking some decisive action so move with this – be alert to the changes around you and keep your ears and eyes open remembering to listen and trust your intuition but also check facts and investigate situations. There may be news delivered about delays or a challenge but you will have the force of energy to cut through any delays and rise above any challenges that need to be faced. A great time to study and intellectual growth. Keep your eye on the prize.


Sometimes you need time to regroup and learn from your Take time to look at experiences and weigh up decisions rather than rushing blindly onwards. Have faith in that what is happening is for the best. Accept the way things are now and give yourself and others time to relax. Breathe and remember to follow your flow, you cannot be full on all the time. Life goes in circles so remember to take some time out for you and your own good.

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