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Tarot Scope for the Month of May

Certainly set to be a productive and positive financial month for all !!!

The Knight of Pentacles brings forth exciting energy in the form of new opportunities and bring to your attention fruitful seeds of ideas and ventures you didn’t realise were there – to grow these ideas its going to take focus and diligence to make them successful but that they will be.   You will be awarded for the work you are doing.

The energy around this month is about financial abundance but it comes with work.

This is all accomplished with the positive effect of the changing energy in you – standing up taking responsibility for your choices and your thoughts.  Feeling motivated to take charge of the direction of your life and with this mindset its all hands-on deck to make it happen.   Stick to the task at hand and methodical work will bring successful completion.   

A time of feeling grounded and in touch with mother earth -  aware of how your thoughts and diet (words and food) affect your health and general well being and with this acknowledgment with small changes your health and state of mind improve as you become more in sync with life.  

You become ready to share your light and grow your knowledge or project   Getting things done.

With the appearance of the Queen of Pentacles bringing in practical energy to help balance those that maybe too much of a perfectionist or too unsure of themselves to complete projects.   So she comes in to create balance in life and bring energy into your resourceful side to enable you to deal in a practical manner  any problems you encounter and  encouraging versatility as she helps you handle issues confidently with compassion and understanding but leading with gentle force. 

Focus on creating balance in life – planning a manageable timetable with work, socialising, family and finances.

As you move through the month take time out to reflect and reassess – its all about working smart and hard this month but this will bring in financial and long time life improvements, focus and determination to create money and stability. 

Good time for investments especially in yourself.    

Enjoy the fruits of your success and hard work but don’t spend it all remember the balance !!! Use the rewards as encouragement for you to keep going and building the life that you want 

Wolf Moon – I will watch over you 

Throughout this month when things appear harsh remember that you are being watched over and protected and are never alone – you are changing and this requires courage and commitment – your guardian will support your shifts through this journey. 

The lunar aspect of this card is Full – bringing high energy for change, where you can bring forth the energy of your true self, your wild self and your instinctual knowledge can be heard and acted on. 

This full moon in May will be significant for you, bringing forth changes and growth and most of all the self-acceptance to be you – know that your spirit family protect you and enter fearlessly into this positive change.

Tarot Scope for the Month of May

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This is so apt Selena, totally perfect for my current situation. Thank you 💕💕

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