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Tarotscope for April Seeming chaos of life suddenly rearranges itself into a brilliant opportunity

This is a general message for the group – so take what resonates to you xx


A time for really looking at who you are – the naked truth of you and your character taking in your life experiences and what has made you so you can reflect and make any changes that you feel necessary – There is a cloud over the lady’s head but if you look there is also the angel protecting her and I feel this is saying if you keep within the love vibe then fear or negativity as to what is going on around you and around the world you will keep your vibe happy and strong. The butterfly indicates a time of transformation where you allow yourself to communicate to the world who you really are and what you really are about now that you have had the time to reflect on what that is.

Inner and outer communication is the key to your change this month that will bring in personal growth and the seeds that you have been planting will start springing in to bloom towards the end of the month.

Dont allow yourself and your mind to get tied up in knots – if you have confusing or negative thoughts - talk about them or journal about them – just don’t keep them as this can bring your energy down and slow down the process. If you have time – meditate to keep your energy grounded to bring in feelings of security, rooted balance and trust in mother earth.

The Lovers also brings in, I feel moral decisions – so maybe its a time to think about how your personal decisions affect others. Are your actions good for all? Are you being selfish? If you have decisions to make – pause and think of the effect that they can have on others in this situation. It may be as simple as with this virus around – just stay at home, protect yourself to protect others – or be conscious of your actions. Be proud of yourself and allow yourself to know that you have stuck to your morals.


Don’t allow fear or overprotecting to block your love flow – be open to give and receive. We may as a whole be riding through some difficult times – don’t allow this to over protect or become fearful and selfish – communicate to your loved ones and reach out to them checking that they are ok – try not to withdraw into yourself and build your boundaries too high as you need to be able to accept love to keep you feeling safe and see the positive things in life.

Spring brings in new life – I feel this card also speaks of the fact that although there is so much going on with the world at the moment – look out for the miracles of nature – the presents of animals and spring flowers coming up and the blue skies starting to come out – nature keeps going and keeps growing and we as a whole will come out of this experience with love.


For many the work now is to nurture and love those around us – at the moment that is our biggest purpose. Those that are out there working especially on the front line this card speaks of allow some time to sit in meditation maybe at the start and end of the day have a shower meditation where you imagine the energies of the day being washed away and then imagine an energy field around you protecting yourself for the emotions of others so you can sit in your own energy and find balance and the strength to keep grounded and working and supporting other. Its also a time to have peace to allow inspiration to flow as new ideas and spiritual changes are happening now and you may find yourself setting of in a new career direction that is more fitting for you and your soul. Let go and don’t try to control everything and you will be lead, you will flow in the right direction, even if things feel out of control – they will lead to calmness and you’ll find from this experience you will be in be better place. Sit and wait for the waves to calm down. Wait and receive inspiration for new ideas or directions. Maybe a time to take your energy healing, healing or helping to a new level – setting up a new business – shining your light for others. Be patience.

Sprit – seeming chaos of life suddenly rearranges itself into a brilliant opportunity

Taking a break from the clockwork routine of your life – things are changing and you may find yourself with more time on your hands and this allows you to take a break and look at how your life is and how its been and where you have been spending all of your time – reassessing perhaps what is important and perhaps noticing you are spending too much time doing certain jobs or chores that aren’t fulfilling – this is an opportunity to change some of these things or maybe this will change the way that you view it – many are now not able to work (which you didn’t like) or having to go shopping etc.... so something you once saw as a pain in the butt – working for example - now that opportunity has been taken away you may start to feel different about it – so you will start seeing your life in a new way. Within this peace and break you may also have the aha moment as when you stop certain ideas or answers that have been scratching at your mind find space to get into your mind and be brought to your attention.

You will be given an idea, a vision, an epiphany – it will all then click in and start working like clockwork!! Take action and start moving with these ideas and watch amazing changes in the form of abundance, creativity and satisfaction.

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