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TarotScope for December


It's time for you to ground yourself, secure in the knowledge that mother earth supports you and loves your beautiful soul just how you are. Never lose that faith.

Whatever is going on around you if you stay grounded and connected to your source energy you will thrive.

Let your thoughts rise above any distractions and use your intuition and wisdom to guide you. Nourish your body with products from the earth, seasonal vegetables and fruits, nourish your mind with positive things that help bring calm and peace to you, meditation, a good book, compatible company and music that raises your vibration, nourish your energy by earthing yourself, if you can’t go outside to connect with nature, hug a tree or walk barefoot, then try a grounding meditation to root your energy to mother earth.

By remaining grounded and nurtured, you will be open to welcome this new surge of positive and fertile energy making this month a time for growth, inspirational ideas, new business or work opportunities and financial growth, a time for abundance in general.


The New Moon on the 4th of December also brings an incredible solar eclipse, which for us will signify the start of a new chapter, new beginnings and unexpected possibilities.

Harness this energy by setting your intentions for success, join me on the new moon live ritual or watch the recording to harness this magical energy so you can start to manifest dreams, new desires and new positive energy into your life.

Work is taken in a positive direction; help this vibration by revising your thoughts and ways of dealing with situations and by letting go of outdated methods to allow inspiration flow taking you nearer your goals.

Remember to achieve your goals and have your wishes met you have to have a dream for it to come true so use this time to dream and visualise what success means to you.


To improve the vibration around relationships is there something you need to change in your life?or within you? may be some ways of thinking of behaving?

There are changes within relationships: this doesn’t have to mean with a partner it may mean with the relationship that you have with yourself. The 8 of Cups is all about walking away from things that no longer serve you, to free you to be able to move on, closer to your mission, your happiness and alignment.

As we come to the end of this year it is a good time to assess your feelings towards others and yourself and look at what you need to let go of to move in the direction that you want to go. Join me on the full moon on the 19th to have a look at what needs to be released to allow positive change.

Sometimes it’s best to walk away from something that not working, leave a stagnant argument or situation. So take those steps forward and release feelings and thoughts that hold you back from having the relationship or life that you want.


You need never lose faith in the power of good or in how much you can accomplish as an inspired individual in this world. You need never believe that you are alone or without divine protection. You never need to fear evil.

Call for divine support whenever you need it and know that it is there for you.

Use this gift, this power that you can connect into if ever you feel negative so that with the help of the divine you don’t spiral down but you allow your faith to lift you up and keep your vibration and thoughts positive. You are never alone.

Cards used

Wisdom Witches Tarot - Phyllis Curott

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot – Selena Lovett

The Light Seers Tarot – Chris Anne

Earth Warriors Oracle – Alana Fairchild

All available from the Infinite Soul Circle Store

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