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Tarotscope for July

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

General - Success

Coming out of the dark.

You have risen to every challenge even although it has been an incredibly difficult time you have also learnt incredible lessons. You are at the end of this particular journey, transitioning to the other side and now can use all that you have learnt to mould and create the future as you wish. Bringing in a time where you are no longer scared of life, the good or the bad. You realise that life has many cycles and you now trust that whatever you experience it will enable you to reach a better place more in alignment to your true vibration.

Success is yours; it’s your time to claim it. Don’t be timid, grab it, celebrate it, step into the limelight and enjoy it as it is so well deserved.

Allow yourself time to enjoy life after all you have been through. Continue to grow and go forth to achieve the things you wish, whether material, emotional or spiritual the world is literally at your feet and ready to be explored.


4 of cups

It’s time to let go of what isn’t working. This doesn’t mean that you have to let go of a complete idea or ambition but maybe it is time to reassess what is working for you and let go of some of the dead weight. This weight maybe that you have placed so much pressure on yourself to achieve certain goals and now this pressure is actually tiring you out so much that hat you aren’t receiving all the inspiration and insights that enable you see your way forward. Therefore this pressure and stress you place on yourself needs to be let go off so you can see the way forward clearer.

Make sure you don’t let your work become a trap for you; there must be balance especially as you achieve the most when you are high vibing, and you can’t be high vibing if you are tired, stressed or overwrought as you’ve been working too hard.

Have some fun, let go of the pressure you put on yourself and any preconceived ideas of how a certain project was supposed to look like and something new will come in, maybe different to what you planned but ultimately bringing in success. Don’t weight yourself down too much else opportunities may pass you by


Queen of Fire

Dare to bare all!!!! This feels a bit like the first card - come out of the darkness. Get out there and show people the real you. Be proud of your unique self. Love yourself so much that your light shines, heals and loves all you come in to contact with.

When we can’t get out of our own heads we (blindly or selfishly) think oh I can’t do that, I can’t wear that, I don’t look good, I’m too fat, old, ugly, not good enough, or not worthy all those shitty negative thoughts - well this keeps us so in our heads that we don’t share the beauty of US !!!! so this is saying be happy in your skin, your personality and share the real YOU with others - yes maybe a few may not like you but hell that’s their loss and that means they are not part of your tribe, but once you share the true you, your true vibration, then this will attract the people that are supposed to be in your life, that will love you for who and what you are and cherish you for just being you.

Love is around and can be enjoyed passionately if you allow yourself the freedom to be you!!!


Let others see you. Share yourself, your knowledge your gifts with others. It’s really time to bloom. Collaborate with others in whatever area of your life you need to. If you have a project, wish, spiritual journey to build on then be open to hearing what other people have to say, ask for guidance and share your insights as you will also be helping others along.

You were not put on this earth to keep yourself to yourself. You were put here to shine, to learn, to share and have the whole human experience and only with sharing experiences (and yourself) will you be fulfilled on your journey.

Remember life isn’t a competition help others and in turn you will learn lessons and karma will help you on your journey.

Self Care Card

To keep your mind clear and your intentions on track plan your month ahead. On the new moon maybe join the new moon manifesting circle or have a ritual on your own where you set your intentions for the month and then every day take small steps to your goals. On the full moon plan or join in our ceremony and let go of what no longer serves so there is space for new thoughts, feelings, people and situations.

It may help to journal about any feelings that you perhaps can’t express to others so that this helps to release emotions that maybe blocking your alignment, your voice, your authentic self.

To achieve your work/life balance - plan time to enjoy yourself or just some time out to rest.

Keep track of your spending so that you can keep on top of things and not feel overburdened by responsibility. Knowing how much you need, spend or save is an important part of feeling abundant and in control. Remember abundance isn’t just money but time and emotions.

When you journal, plan and keep your energy as clear and high as possible your will naturally manifest according to your vibe.

Selena Joy Lovett

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