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Tarotscope for the month of August


Its amazing what you will and can achieve when you focus or change your the direction of your focus. Train your focus to look at the possibilities, the opportunities, the adventure, instead of the limitations or the fear.

Get out of your head. It’s lovely to day dream and create within your mind how you want to be and how you want your life to be as long as these thoughts and visualisations are positive and really what you want. However, there does come a time where you have to put thoughts into action and start to focus on one thing and what you want. So take the thoughts out of your mind and start taking steps towards creating!!

Focus your attention on the things that you want and not on the worries or lack by raising your vibration and focusing on what you already have and what you can build on and bring into your life you will raise your vibration. With your raised vibration you will create magic with the universe.

Remember we are creators of magic, our thoughts and words create spells.

Focus on casting these spells to create whatever you want


You do have the power to create what you want within your life and specifically on your career path.

This card pushes you to step into your power, claim it be it and live it.

Use it wisely and use it from a place of solid foundation.

Power should be commanded not demanded, as demanding can come from a place of too much ego and childlike ways whereas commanding radiates leadership qualities.

Be confident in where you want to wield this power and then don’t back down for anyone.

Be wise kind and gentle but powerful!!!

Use your inner power, your connection to the universe to know and feel your strength.

Focus on what you want to lead and change.

A good leader will also help others rise above limitations, helping them to expand and grow, this in turn will help to complete projects.


Don’t allow your fears and past challenges, negative experiences and insecurities ruin the present.

The devil represents the chains that hold us back, with the focus and power you have this month you can break these chains and set yourself free - to be more open to love and fearless.

This card also warns of becoming too obsessed with things or additions so be careful you are not overly attached to someone, allow each other space to be and give yourself some of your loving energy.

What’s meant to be will happen so have trust within your relationships.

Don’t chase allow things to come.


The past is over and down with. Yes you can learn from it and take time to heal from it but it is over and you no longer want to live there. Take the lessons and the best parts to build the future you want. The sun asks you to focus on the positive parts and also to spend some time this month focusing within to allow peace and security to grow.

The more rooted and the more at peace you feel the more you will attract what you need. When you feel secure within yourself it doesn’t matter what happens outside as your inner peace won’t be disturbed - making life easier. This allows you to radiate your beautiful light, banishing negative thoughts, situation and people from your life.

Spend some time going within. Practise a root chakra, grounding meditation or join me on one of this month’s 2 Full Moon Womb Healing circles for grounding, healing and connecting with Mother Earth on 1st and 31st of August.

Many blessings

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Thank you for this. It reasonates a lot xx


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