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Tarotscope for the month of May

Open the door to mental freedom


The Devil card comes in to ask – what are the chains that hold you back in your life? Codependency, mental or material addictions? Wow, deep question! But one which if answered can lead you to liberation. It may feel that you have had some reoccurring patterns in your life that may have slowed you down or even sabotaged personal success or happiness. To take back control and put a stop to any negative thought patterns or behaviour, take some time out to pause and have a look back over your life or the last few months and think about what has been going on with you and how you have been feeling. Usually, we are aware of what blocks us but we keep it tucked away in the shadow and ignore it. However, this month we are shown that if we can acknowledge its existence there are many ways to move this vibration away. Journaling is a great form of communicating with yourself to allow the acknowledgement of your feelings so that you can go over the situation and maybe release some tears or anger as you write. It’s a great way for your throat and heart chakra to communicate and honour your inner voice, often leading to more self-awareness and understanding. Become more mindful so when you feel this energy you can feel into it and understand what’s going on, enabling you to move through it and take its power away. Empowerment comes through understanding that you are in control of your mind and reactions – to help stride forward maybe listen to some self-hypnosis or mediation to give you the key to be in charge of your mind and opening the door to mental freedom.


Good news and a refreshing influx of energy within your work or career. This can mean a well-deserved promotion or recognition of achievement. To help this energy flow it’s also time for you to start blowing your own trumpet!!! Be confident of who you are and know you have something to shout about! This month it’s time to recognise how amazing you are. Turn off that inner voice if it has been too critical of you lately. Allow yourself the freedom to bloom and grow into your true potential. Focus on all you do right and the positive things in your life. To quieten down any negative judging - every time you pass that mirror blow yourself a kiss and love yourself!!! Notice the positive parts of you and of others. Be kind and compassionate with yourself and know that you can do it!


The Lovers card can mean that romance enters your life this month. Be open to loving fun and romance. Step into this vibration by feeling sexy and smiling, feeling your inner beauty bloom. Feeling good within yourself can attract what you want like bees to honey. So take some time out this month to create space for romance in your life, time to rekindle this energy within your relationship and within yourself. Feeling sexy will put a smile on your face, wear something that makes you feel good whether it’s some sensual lingerie, your favourite sent or just a full beaming smile and wiggle in your stride


This card's energy is all about the law of attraction, this can show up as you may have been feeling withdrawn or have had low energy and unmotivated lately. This month change starts within – set yourself intentions in the morning of how you want to feel – how you want your day to go and put your focus on what you want to achieve, not the blocks or what could go wrong. With strong focus on the positive, solutions will be found and your energy will go from strength to strength as you blast those blues away. Keep a gratitude journal to write in about what you are grateful for. Use positive affirmations to help harness your energy – repeat the affirmation anytime a negative worrying thought stays in your mind too long – repeating these affirmations will become part of your energy and help you manifest the peace and happiness that you want in your life.

Many blessings xx

Selena Joy

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