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Tarotscope for the month of November

Tarotscope for the month of November

General Message

To ask for help is not weak!!

It may feel that you just have a bit too much going on this month, taken on too much, not enough time or physical/mental energy to cope with everything – well you don’t have to – ask for help, ask others to give you a hand, delegate. Sometimes this can be exactly what the lesson you have to learn is – that even though you are amazing and have created success in areas of your life, you still may need some help – in asking for help, sharing or delegating you invite others in to your energy, this may mean you learn something from them, a different way of approaching something or a different was of perceive something, either way a problem or load shared is a load halved. Don’t let pride stand in your way, share your problem or work load and this will help your life transform in to a lighter, freer vibration.

There is alot of creative energy around you - so you will have plenty of inspiration and ideas this month – but if you have too much stress in your mind and strain on your shoulder you won’t be able to process and understand them so this may prevent you putting them into action – so unload so you can expand.


Pause and allow things to unfold

There is no need to rush; in your excitement you may overlook the importance of enjoying the journey....the creative process. Getting to your goals is only half the fun. Slow down so that you can see the signs and don’t miss the messages or guidance that is being shown to you. Sometimes in a hurray it’s easy to get so wrapped up that you become a bit obsessed about the situation and then start reading things wrong. Slow down, rest, reset, regroup so that you can think straight!!

Slowing down will help you be more intuitive about your situation and more aware of what is going on around you. Take some time out from the opinions of others especially online....maybe limit you social media interaction so that you can observe what’s really going on in real life and listen to you and your thoughts and feelings.

Set your intentions as to what you wish to manifest and send these thoughts out to the universe to grow and materialise – meanwhile enjoy life – be present.

Work and Money

A time to focus on positive energy

Heading towards the end of the year, maybe it’s the seasonal changes or just feeling a bit worn out but the energy around feels low so to counteract this it’s important for some self care to keep the energy levels up around your work and financial issues. So if needed and is possible take a day off work to rest and reset. If that’s not possible make sure that in your free time out of work that you have some time for you and some time out. Take some time to balance your mind by listening to some positive affirmations or listening to upbeat music or listen to some positive financial affirmations from someone like Abraham Hicks so that you clear any negative beliefs.

Taking time out for self care will have a positive uplifting effect on finances and work – you will soon be able to tap into those inspired ideas and creative solutions.


Sisters if the Sun grow strong when working together

It is an important part of the spiritual journey to learn who you are and how you work and often solitary work is a helpful way to do this, yet there are times when you are strong enough to work with others without losing yourself or your unique approach to creative endeavours. Collaboration is suggested to you now, to allow you to expand your horizons to meet more people share your light and have more fun.

Your joint ventures maybe with spiritual guides; colleagues, friends or helpers. Trust your instincts and be discerning in what you accept and what you let pass you by – there will be plenty of opportunities for you as long as you are open to them. Trust yourself to take a leap of faith and take chances that feel uplifting, allow yourself to reach out or accept the offers of others to work together.

Sisters if the Sun grow strong when working together – allowing different flavours of the divine to come together within each project making it richer than it would be with just one flavour. You can stay true to yourself when working in a group by honouring the boundaries of yourself and others, trusting that working together you will complement rather than compete and all shine together, Dare to become more of you!

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Belinda McKnoulty
Belinda McKnoulty
Oct 31, 2019

Thank you for sharing I love this 💗

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