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Tarotscope for the Month of October

Tarotscope for the month of October 

General Message

Focus on what is really important to you

The Hierophant brings the message for us to look deeper than what we see every day – to soul search a little about what gives true and profound meaning to our lifes, whatever this is for you-  it is a time to realize it and be grateful for this and then work on focusing your attention on bringing more of what makes you truly happy and fulfilled into your life, whether its time spent with family, friends, learning more about spirituality and energy work, creating a new project, succeeding at work -  it is time to focus on what makes your soul sing.  

Its a month to start taking this game of life seriously and let go of the petty things you may waste time on and just focus on what will make the best future for you.  This may mean stepping out and looking for more like-minded souls, following a drea,  further education or spiritual learning, expand your circle of friends.  

Finding out what you really desire in life will open doors for you to follow new opportunities that will take you to a whole new level.


The Lovers – Harmonious union and sinful temptation!!!

The energy around this month is one of passion, closeness and wanting to spend time together.  

Romance is in the air; sexual vibes go deeper forming heart connections and there is emotional bonding bringing couples closer together and bringing more meaning into relationships.

Temptation is also around in full force with all these sexual, romantic vibes, but be careful not to get too carried away with lust and fantasy!!!  

The lovers card also comes to remind us that the first love we should hold true is that to ourselves, so whatever actions or feelings we have, we should look within and see whether it is the right thing to do,  so as not to take any actions that can at a future date hurt us or make us feel bad.  

Remember that all your actions have consequences so follow your morals, ethics and values.  

It is good to follow your heart but have self-respect and be honest with yourself as you may be offered a choice between vice and virtue


Strike whist the iron is hot

This is a big yes cards if you had any questions in your mind relating to work.  

This is a call to action card with lots of inspiring energy around, take notice of your ideas and thoughts, write them down so you can start forming a plan and take the necessary action to start putting the plan into action, don’t let anything stand in its way.  You are on to something good.  Whilst in your flow at work or thinking of new ideas,  inspiration will flow to you.

If you have been in two minds about an idea try to sleep on it - meditate, pause the mind as then when the fog clears the answers will come through.   This is a powerful time but you must listen to your words and thoughts and not be afraid to speak them even if this may cause conflict, speaking your truth maybe something others can't handle .  Inspired thought clears the pathway of confusion.


Don’t let your past hold you back

Whatever you are going through and whatever you are going to go through -  there's a chance that age old programming and conditioning is stopping you from achieving all that you might.  Do you feel stuck in something?   This card will often com as a sign that the situation or relationship you are asking about has somehow become suffocating or even toxic.  It suggest that someone (even you) need to be released - that there's some kind of addiction going on or an unhealthy attachment that needs to be sorted out.  One thing for sure is  when you get this you are being challenged to make some changes even if staying where you are feels easier.  

Special Halloween message from The Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch!!! 

Something that is a blessing is being over looked.  It appears cloaked and seems almost invisible to you.  You must stand in your life and look around you and see all that has been given to you again and give thanks for it, you are forgetting what you really have.  Its time for harvest -  time to bring in and harvest the joy and love for what you have so much of and share your abundance.

Something precious is all around you but it has become so familiar, you can barely see it anymore.  The Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch asks you  open your eyes and heart and look at all that is around you and count you blessings every day

Have a fabulous month -  Selena Joy 

Cards used 

Deviant moon tarot

Tarot de la  Nuit

Moonology Oracle cards

Oracle of Shadows and Light

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