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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Intuitive Counselling       £155


If you are searching for some help and answers to the problems you are facing in life - then I am glad you have happened across me, as I am sure that working together we can find the solutions to help you move forward in a positive direction. 

By combining psychic insights with counselling skills, NLP,  mindfulness coaching, breathwork, EFT, CBT  I am able to offer guidance through even your darkest days.


Whether the issues are within your work-life, personal, financial or old feelings that have now started affecting your life - Intuitive counselling can help you find the clarity and solutions that you require - an online private non-judging session where you can open up and free yourself of your doubts worries and trapped emotions - the use of tarot in the sessions can help us find the root of the issues and help unravel the confusion of perhaps why you feel this way. 


I am also a Master Energy healer, Reiki Master and can use this energy to heal and unblock helping change negative thoughts and behaviour patterns.

Working together we can find solutions x

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