The Journey To Enlightenment Tarot Deck and Book

This extraordinary deck offers a new way of interacting with the Tarot. The cards evoke, through their strange and wondrous artwork, a sense of enlightened experience. The card images combine with the wise words of the guidebook to lead the user onto a journey of powerful self-discovery and deep alchemical transformation.


There is more detail on the Pip (numbered) cards in this deck than in any other Tarot, offering guidance in the user's journey to enlightenment on themes such as healing, self-love, emotional self-soothing, energy, and motivation. As you embark on an incredible journey of self-understanding and self-fulfillment, these uplifting cards will help you connect deeply to your soul and guide you in the direction of your dreams. Whatever your question, they will bring the light you need, encouraging intuition, self-awareness and self-healing, and helping you to release your emotional blocks. Enjoy this journey to enlightenment!


Journey to Enlightenment Course Book - learn how to empower yourself or your clients.  This is available as an ebook via Amazon - Click on the book cover to purchase or as a PDF to download.  Available HERE

In this book, I will help you connect to your cards. We will look in-depth at all the cards so that you understand them - I will help you bring to life the Major Arcanas, the 4 suits, and the Court cards so that they talk to you and give you the insight needed. As well as learning all about the cards and their meanings you will learn how to tell a story with the cards linking them together, how to ask questions, create a Ritual for your readings and energy, how to find blocks, make and use spreads, reading with intuition and using the cards to identify shadows. After reading this book you will be able to offer empowering guidance and insightful Tarot readings. To practice, there is also a Facebook group you can join.



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