I have co-created this beautiful deck with Daniela Forster
The Journey To Enlightenment Tarot Deck

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot is the beautiful deck I co-created with Daniela Manutius Forster. In part, I followed the traditional meaning of the cards. I also combined channelled messages and my personal experience.

Daniela created the artwork using the traditional design of the Rider Deck, which she channelled in her own unique style. The cards leave room for interpretation, allowing your intuition and imagination to be led on an insightful journey.
They are the perfect self-help tool and will help you connect to your soul as you get in touch with your Higher Self and move closer to self-fulfilment.

This magical deck, published by Watkins, is available on Amazon.com  and Amazon.co.uk etc....   

My self help and empowerment book is also available from Amazon

This extraordinary deck offers a new way of interacting with the Tarot. The cards evoke, through their strange and wondrous artwork, a sense of enlightened experience. The card images combine with the wise words of the guidebook to lead the user onto a journey of powerful self-discovery and deep alchemical transformation.


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There is more detail on the Pip (numbered) cards in this deck than in any other Tarot, offering guidance in the user's journey to enlightenment on themes such as healing, self-love, emotional self-soothing, energy, and motivation. As you embark on an incredible journey of self-understanding and self-fulfillment, these uplifting cards will help you connect deeply to your soul and guide you in the direction of your dreams. Whatever your question, they will bring the light you need, encouraging intuition, self-awareness and self-healing, and helping you to release your emotional blocks. Enjoy this journey to enlightenment!

The Hermit
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The hanged  man
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The Magician
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The Fool
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The Tower
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The Wheel Of Fortune
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The Sun
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After having the tarot help her during challenging times, Lovett decided to study this tool more deeply and then share her insights with others. Specifically, The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot is meant, “…to help the users deal with their issues and blocks so they can manifest their futures.” She presents some basics about the tarot as well as ideas for some spreads to use and then gives the nuts and bolts of the deck in the accompanying guidebook.

Each card has a write-up about the meanings associated with the card and then a section called Journey to Enlightenment where specific ways to use the energy of the card are given. For each, three words sum up the meaning of the card. The minor arcana or pips are given equal time and space allowing them to take their rightful place in the overall guidance tarot can offer.

For instance, the three words for the Sun card are hope, faith, healing. The basic meaning is positive energy and abundance, a time to be happy, freedom, recognition and something positive for the future. The application is to begin again, forgiving yourself and others, being full of hope to let your spirit grow and shine.

The artwork by Forster is intricate and complicated with a lot of color, imagery, and symbols. Many of the cards follow the basic design of the Rider deck, but not all, and there is lots of room for interpretation and pondering.

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot deck adds to the multitude of visions carried and shared by those who have found it to be their inspiration, support, and silent mentor as they navigate the waters of life. Collectors will want to be sure to add this to their collection.