Selena's spiritual journey has taken her to many different places and through many experiences which have led to her being able to offer different spiritual modalities.  

She offers spiritual readings using tarot cards offering insight and guidance, mediumship readings to bring healing messages from your loved ones and focuses on leading healing courses to enable others to experience the magic of healing. 


Through her own healing journey she discovered that so many issues and imbalances began in the sacred area of the womb where she has spent time exploring and healing.  After this incredible transformational journey where she gathered information on how to heal the divine feminine she now shares her unique formula for healing using Sacred Symbols, Angel and Reiki energy to heal ancestral lineage, releasing past traumatic experiences and issues that block people from connecting to their true being.

If you feel called to begin your healing journey you can arrange a treatment with Selena.  If you would like to really step into your power - start a life-changing healing course with Selena guiding you through an 11-week program through different healing modalities, the chakra system and sacred symbols.  Selenas' courses are accredited by the IPHM.

Selena is a Reiki Master, Energy Healer trained in Quantum Healing, Hands of Light, Chakra Balancing & Cleansing, T:I:M:E - Angel Healing, Pendulum, Chios, Karuna Reiki, Shamballa Reiki and has studied Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapy, EFT, CBT, NPL, Mindfulness & Life Coaching.  If you feel you are in need of some peace and balance in your life - please contact her to arrange a healing session


Have a look at the services offered, readings and healings can be custom-made to suit and fulfil your need.  You are not alone - reach out and begin healing.

Selena was blessed with the gift of connecting with her spirit guides and loves having the opportunity to guide people through difficult situations and give insights into their life.

Her focus is to empower people on their journey and to help heal and move any blocks that hinder their path.

Selena is the author of the book Steps to Enlightenment and the Tarot Deck - The Journey to Enlightenment and co created The Art of Compassion Oracle Deck. 

When giving a Psychic reading; Selena will tune into your aura to gain insight and information about your life and your future to enable her to give you insight and guidance about certain issues in your life and to empower you with knowledge of how best to move forward and achieving your goals.  A psychic reading can help you gain clarity in your current situation, when faced with decisions for your future or when you want to get a better understanding of the big picture.

Whatever your issue, romance, career, or soul purpose -  contact to organise a convenient time to connect online and talk about what you need, guidance through a psychic reading will be able to help understand what you are going through and what we can do to improve your situation. 

Learn Tarot to empower yourself!!

In these classes, from Beginner to Pro. you will learn all about tarot and how to use it to guide yourself and give insightful readings for others, healing yourself along this journey with Tarot and then being able to use it as a tool to add to your business or to set up a new business as a Psychic Tarot


Selena has produced a Tarot Masterclass taught at the Watkins Wisdom Academy. 

¨Watkins has been an authority in the Mind Body Spirit field for over a century. Our teachers are all professionals in their field and each course is unique to their teaching styles. So you know that you are learning from the best!¨

Selena Joy Lovett