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Sacred Symbols

These sacred Symbols channel energy for a specific purpose and are the key to opening certain Universal Life Force Energy manifestations.

They help your spiritual practice and to build your own energy. 

Add them to your Reiki and healing practice and use them to focus on achieving your goals.

Here we learn Usui, Karuna and Shamballa, symbols to name but a few of the 30-plus symbols we explore.

Tapping into their energy structure and learning how to use the Reiki symbols will help you acknowledge the presence of the many untouchable spiritual layers that exist beyond the physical world.

Each has a specific role, and its power lies in how we use it.


Reiki symbols serve as keys to access various forms of energy and even entities at the energetic and spiritual levels. These, in turn, symbolize different expressions of the universal life force energy that flows and surrounds us.

Simply put, each Reiki symbol connects to a certain healing vibration. As a result, it increases the energy level of your body, mind, and spirit while healing you from within.

We are all channels through which the universal life force energy flows.

This can manifest efficiently through symbols and intention.

  • concentrating the energy and power into a certain area;

  • harmonizing and balancing;

  • mental and emotional healing;

  • opening a high-vibrational dimension to a certain place or space;

  • healing and opening emotional and communication blockages;

  • surrounding and filling yourself with pure energy;

  • connecting to certain entities such as angels/archangels;

  • balancing your energy fields and energy centres (chakras);

  • aligning your chakras

  • treating viruses

  • treating cancer 

  • grounding

  • focus

  • optimise fitness performance

  • abundance

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