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Selena is one of the best in the business! I had a card and T.I.M.E, Chios, Reiki and Angel energy reading/healing with her, and I have gained such clarity from her gifts and intuitive ability. She is extremely friendly, warm, and positive, and her accuracy is above and beyond, as she sees right to the heart of the issues. I am so grateful to her for her incredible support. She is a true light in the world, and I highly recommend her services to anyone. She is phenomenal!

I received a 3 cards reading today. Selena has been kind, generous, helpful and very honest. She told me the things as they are and not as I wanted them to be. She did it in an empowering way. I felt awesome after the reading. I felt like I could overcome all the difficulties. She gave me suggestions and tools. She took the time to explain me further some points as I was a bit overwhelmed by emotions. It has been an incredible experience! �

I was very lucky to have Selena recommended to me by a close friend and I couldn’t be happier with how professional, talented and warming she was. I requested a 12 month reading due to being really quite lost and unsure of myself and when I received it, I was nearly moved to tears on how she could pick up how emotional the last year has been. 
The whole reading felt like it was from someone who had known me for years and yet I’ve never met or spoken to her before asking for the reading. 
Thank you for setting me back on track and giving me the guidance I needed to progress into what looks like a very exciting year!


It has been impressive reading the tarot result that Selena just sent me. My case is delicate and intense, but she has described it to me as if she lived with me day-by-day. Thank you for the positive advice and for sharing your light with others and offering healing. You bring hope and inspiration with incredible precision. You are an incredible person, may God bless you.


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I think Selena Joy is an incredibly accurate and talented reader.
I was fortunate enough to have had my cards read by her recently and was quite overwhelmed and amazed at how accurate and perceptive she is. I feel she put her whole heart into my reading and when I asked for advice on the outcome of my reading she gave me amazing guidance.
I love this beautiful woman so much. 
Selena thank you so much for the reading and your knowledge and wisdom, you are amazing!!!

If you are seeking genuine spiritual knowledge then I recommend Selena Joy to assist you with what you seek.


Selena described my life perfectly. She is for me a wonderful gifted and a talented reader. She is there when you need help and her work brings hope and inspiration with such accuracy. Thank you for bringing peace for me and my family.


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