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Accredited Energy Courses

Start your healing journey - Healing Energy - Learn with me


Chakra Connect 

This course will teach you all about the energy of the 9 chakras (including Earth Star Chakra and Soul Star Chakra.

Balancing them as you connect to each chakra's unique energy.

Journey through your own chakras for a healing experience.

You’ll get to know your chakras and in turn enhance your healing knowledge for others as you learn to read and receive messages from the chakra and aura energy system.


An amazing tool for self-discovery and distant healing.


We’ll also incorporate oracle cards, crystal pendulums and healing pendulum techniques.


So in each lesson there will be information about each chakra, a deep listening journey, healing for your chakras.


There will also be practise time to sense how other peoples chakras are working.


WHEN: next course starting September 2023 WHERE: online via Zoom

TIME AND DAY: to be confirmed


CLASS LENGTH: 80 - 90 minutes per class




COST: £180 pounds OR £135 for ‘Empowerment Group´ students (a 25% discount off the course)


WHAT’S INCLUDED: ● A downloadable workbook ● Course accreditation


NOTE: Don’t worry if you miss a class, I will send you the recording, which is available indefinitely.


To book please contact Selena.

Professional Accreditation

Be assured that courses taught by Selena Joy Lovett are approved by the accreditation board for holistic training. The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) has been developed to provide the general public and health care professionals with a body of regulated professionals, all hold relevant qualifications or experience to recognised levels.

When you complete one of my courses you become a pre-approved accredited IPHM therapist

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