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June tarotscopes

General - 4 of cups

This month you may be feeling a bit confused or unmotivated as you have been putting a lot of effort into building projects and the life you want but as yet you are failing to see the results.  However although there doesn't seem to be a lot going on right now in your life or right in front of you, believe me, there are big things happening behind the scene that shortly, will slowly, bit by bit be making an appearance.

 This may mean that you may need to look a little bit deeper in your life at the moment and focus on the glimmers that are starting to shine through rather than the parts of your life that are stagnant.  Focus on saying no to all you don't want and this will make space for all that you do want.

There is so much going on behind the scene I feel you are being asked to prepare your life for these blessings to enter.  Make time and space for all that you do want.  Slow down and take notice of you, your energy and the way you live your life and be open to and welcome to change.  

It feels like you're coming out of a slump and you're being given the message to really focus on the future, focus on the positive bit of the future and keep going forward. There's a lot to celebrate.  But perhaps you're not seeing it yet. So keep on your own path its the right one for you,  just perhaps appreciate the journey and not be so focused on the destiny

As you slow down you may well then become aware of all that is already in your life that you haven't really noticed - there are opportunities around, opportunities for growth and opportunities of connections with others that will open doors for you, that perhaps spirit has placed in your pathway to help open doors for you.  Being mindful in life will help you become aware of the signs and signals from the universe so that then you can grab one of these options and take it forward all the way up to obtain your dreams 

Love - The Fool

There  feels like there's a new vibe around, perhaps it's just the vibe within yourself, a feeling of being more in love with you or at least starting to see your light and your gifts.  It's a start of feeling more uplifted.  Perhaps you're just fed up of feeling like you have been feeling and now you've just let go a bit, and in letting things flow there's space for feeling more passionate about life, love and relationships, and you now actually want to step forth into having a bit of a high vibe relationship.

This can mean having some fun, stopping focusing on the mundane stuff that we can always see and argue about or obsess about…..there's always things to be done and bills to be paid and this talk and focus can bring you down and affect relationships.  This month you're being guided to take some time to enjoy and be more playful in life and in relationships. Perhaps not taking them so seriously and just be willing to take the risk, have some fun and focus on passion. Perhaps even bring back some play time in your life and your relationships. There is love around, but you've got to love life as well to really embrace that vibration. The main thing about any relationship is to look for the positive, try not to compare or pick at things whether this is within the relationship you have with yourself or that you have with others in your life whether romantically, family or in the workplace.  Be mindful and allow yourself to let go of expectations lets in the unexpected. 

Work - 8 of Pentacles


Within the workplace it does feel that there's a lot to focus on this month to really get everything off the ground. It's time to finalise things and really pay attention to detail. That may mean that you may feel stuck in a bit of a bit of a groundhog day grove!!! As you may have to do the same thing over and over again, but what you are doing is really creating something in its perfect form that's really going to go places.  You may be starting to use all the skills you have been learning or perhaps have to brush up on some skills to enable you to really take your project, business or you into the place of success and where you really want to be.  Focus is paramount now so don't lose sight of your goal and just keep going (just keep swimming!)

This card is saying - you really are creating something very tangible and it can come to success if you keeping put in your magic into whatever it is you're doing so remember your words and energy are your magic and whatever you are doing you are putting your energy into it, so try completing each task, even the most mundane with mindfulness and enjoying it, being in a  zen-like state. So with every breath, you're breathing into your project is a positive one, even in times of frustration, even times where you feel stuck. This will help the flow and the growth of whatever it is you're doing.

Spirit - Miracles

Just look at this beautiful picture. It's all about transformation. It's been a very difficult and trying year for many, going through many challenges and being influenced by eclipses and communal heavy energy. It has been very trying, but with every difficult challenge you've faced, you've overcome it and this energy has helped you to transform and to step higher and be more in tune and aligned  with your spiritual journey and soul path.

Everything that you have been thinking about, the seeds that you have planted in your energy field will now start popping into and growing in your reality now. 

There are good things on the horizon. The waters are calm. This means that and the challenges are behind you and from those challenges there is this beautiful rainbow stretching out and there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, whatever that pot of gold means for you, whether it's an abundance of time, love relationships, money or just what it whatever is your wishing for.... health and peace but transformation has come and with that there will be some freedom in how you feel.

Remember to keep breathing, be mindful and stay grounded to allow this beautiful transformation to keep flowing

 Many blessings

Decks used - 

The Journey to Enlightenment by Selena Lovett

The Sacred Forest by Denise Linn


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