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Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Spread

Around the tarot card that represents Sagittarius – Temperance - we are going to look where to focus our intentions around this full moon. If you want to join in the Full Moon Healing Circle - check it out here.

This full moon has some firey energy around it so this moon may bring about passion, desires and things about you that you have kept hidden away through fear, as with this full moon its a powerful time to face your fears. Feel the fear and do it anyway!!

Card 1 3 of Water

What deserves more of my compassion?

Friendships, connections, relationships.

This may mean that you have perhaps been keeping friends and relationships at arm’s length and not felt like socializing too much. This maybe because you have been judging them as they have not lived up to your expectation, or perhaps not done as you wanted, so maybe this calls for you to see things from their point of view.

You maybe judging yourself too much and feeding your insecurities thus not going out and meeting people. Hiding yourself away.

This may have affected your friendships, and your relationship where perhaps you haven’t given as much as usual, been a bit withdrawn and less understanding.

If you have been networking connections- whether you have been reaching out for new business, a new job, a new house you have maybe been looking at things without seeing the true beauty or gift of the matter.

So with this full moon it’s shining its full beam down on the beauty of you and what you have in your life. It asks that you see the beauty in all individuals and circumstances that come into your life to show you certain lessons and reminds you that all have a part to play in your life. Be open and kind. This doesnt mean without boundaries – temper your compassion with wisdom!!!

See the gift you are to the universe. Accept and understands yourself and your friends more, step out of your comfort zone and allow people in and get yourself out there networking and looking for the connections towards what you want to manifest in your life.

Card 2 2 of Water

What part of myself needs to expand?

Expand the love for yourself, honestly sometimes spirit understands that its hard for you to see and believe in yourselves but you have to remember you are beautiful soul, gifted a beautiful vessel to come and experience this precious journey called life - but instead sometimes you may have nothing but criticism for your looks, the way you are, what you have done oh! my the list goes on!!! This full moon asks you to open up and see your soul, the true essence of you, the beauty of YOU and let the world see YOU - allow yourself to bloom.

The only limitations are those that you are placing on yourself

Card 3 The Hermit

Where should I direct my energy?

You have learnt so many lessons and now have the important key to the door. Certain answers and lessons have been absorbed by your being and now it’s time to go out. Healing is a continuous journey - if you wait til you feel you are perfect or a complete finished piece of work before you allow yourself to be seen by the word, well this may take a lifetime for you to see you as others see you!!! It’s time to step through the doors in the perfect form that you are now and share your gifts with the world.

Direct your energy outwards and shine your light for others to see

Card 4 Emperor

What is my true purpose for this cycle?

You are now stepping in to your true strength; yes you need to get out into the real world to show off you!!

Connect and be with people to share your knowledge and experience. However go out as you mean to continue – Step out ruling your Empire, set your rules, your boundaries and your rhythm - you don’t have to dance to anyone else’s tune. You are your own master. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice (roar) if anyone tries to take you off your route or tells you how to be!!!

Cards used The Good Tarot – Collette Baron Reid

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