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Receive a link to a video of this reiki infused journey. 


I have used a sacred symbol with the intention that your energy is more open and your vibration higher so that you can meet your Reiki Guide to get to know them, and converse with them so you receive any information and insight about how best to work together and how best to serve. 


You can also ask to receive a sacred healing symbol. You may be given a symbols and instructions on how to use it. Which can help you connect quicker and more powerfully to Reiki or it may be given to you with the intention to work in a specific way with certain conditions.

Everyone's experience is unique


If you do not receive anything on your first experience of this meditation do not worry as you will be given what you need when you need it.

Maybe the first time you meet your guide you be given healing.


You can listen to this recording as many times as you like and each time you may have a different experience and deepen your connection with your reiki guide or guides, as we often have more than one to help with specific healing issues


Enjoy your journey !!

Meet your Reiki Guide & Receive your Symbol

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