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Angelic Healing & Angel Reiki

Angel Healing learn to connect to the Angels with symbols to channel beautiful healing energy. 

Get to know your Angel Healing team. 

Use sacred symbols to guide you and your clients on their soul path. 

Gentle yet powerful light energy to heal yourself and others.  

Angelic Healing and Angel Reiki is a spiritual practice that focuses on enhancing your connection with the different dimensions where angels and archangels reside.

This  method is considered a multidimensional healing  and a link between classic Reiki and the higher-vibration ascension systems.

which contains important spiritual keys for healing, cleansing, and spiritual growth that one can integrate by accessing the Angelic Kingdom. 

​Professional Accreditation


​Learn and experience Angel Energy.

Connect with your Angels and learn to channel Angel Energy to heal yourself and others,


Receive access to higher levels of manifestation of the universal life force energy..

Learn about and visit the Angel Realm

Meet your Guardian Angel,

Connect with various Angels and your Angel healing team

Receive an Angel attunement

Learn how to work with Sacred symbols to help you connect with Angel energy

Self-healing & Self-care as an energy healer

Learn how to conduct healing sessions for others

Learn how to read Angel cards for a healing message

Angel  Crystals

Automatic writing with Angels

Learn to give an Angel Reading

Angel Numbers

Angel Colours

Angels for the Chakras and the healing system

How to open an Angel Healing business

6-week course via zoom

Includes Workbooks, all lessons are recorded

Helps to have have some angel/oracle/Tarot cards for the Angel Reading class

Message to join the waiting list


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