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Reiki Level 1 "Shoden"


Receive 4 traditional Japanese empowerments that open up the channels through which Reiki flows. Once attuned to Reiki you will always be connected to this amazing gift of energy.  Reiki works for everyone (animals included)!

You will be introduced to the history and lineage of Reiki, Discover exactly what Reiki is and how it works, 

Learn how to perform Reiki treatments on yourself and others.

Learn daily energy exercises to cleanse and heal your energy and make your Reiki strong. 

Learn to focus on your own healing journey before starting to heal friends and family. 

Activate your inner energy healing capacity, and learn techniques for channelling energy

Learn traditional hand positions and how to heal and scan energy intuitively.

Learn to use crystals for Reiki and how to set up a Reiki business


The course Includes all workbooks, 4 attunements, and a 21-day Attunement journal workbook.

All you need to learn to practise Reiki to heal yourself and start to heal others, Small personal groups, and ongoing support.

One complete day or two sessions. Zoom classes.  All lessons are recorded for you to keep. Group In-person classes available.

Reiki 1 online course

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