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If you would like to join any of the Tiers please head over to my membership platform at patreon

For more information please pop over to Patreon or message me


Tier 1
Meditation & Guidance

Weekly & Monthly Psychic Guidance & Meditation for a Balanced, Harmonious Life

Improve your life by joining my monthly meditation program, where we will explore techniques to help you navigate life's difficulties. Discover mudras and self-healing methods that promote balance and inner peace.


  • Receive weekly & monthly readings and guidance only available for members.

  • Receive a 12 part Crystal Magic course learn how crystal can help heal and bring magic into your life.

  • Receive a downloadable ‘Spiritual Awakening Journey’ Journal

For more details pop over to my membership platform at patreon

Tier 2
Tarot Club

Unlocking the Power of Tarot for Personal and Professional Growth


Are you looking to make more informed decisions with divine guidance?

Do you want to gain deeper insights into your life's challenges and learn how to navigate them with greater ease?


Discover the mystical art of tarot reading as a tool for self-healing and spiritual guidance. Whether you're interested in using tarot for personal growth or as a professional reader, this can help you elevate your understanding and connection to the cards.


Are you ready to take your tarot game to the next level?

● Do you know how to read tarot cards but have never really practised?

● Would you like to learn more and feel more confident?

● Do you want to discover tools that will help you?

● Are you interested in developing your psychic senses?


Join the Tarot Club, which is open to tarot readers of all levels: from beginners to the more advanced! We gather monthly to give and receive readings, connect with like-minded people, and provide encouragement.

I have been using and loving Tarot for about 30 years, reading professionally for many years. I co-created ‘The Journey To Enlightenment’ tarot deck published by Watkins and ‘The Steps to Enlightenment’ tarot book available on Amazon. I have also published the ‘Tarot for Beginners’ course with Watkins.

In the Tarot Circle, we will:

● Look at different tarot cards and how to connect with them.

● Take an in-depth look at all the cards so that you really understand them.

● Bring the Major Arcana, the 4 suits, and the Court cards to life, so that they talk to you and give you the insight needed.

● Learn how to tell a story with the cards by linking them together.

● Learn how to ask the right questions.

● Create a ritual for your readings and energy.

● Discover where to find blocks.

● Make and use spreads and Tarotscopes.

● Learn more about psychic protection.

● Work with Tarot spells.

● Discover Tarot Manifesting.

● Start reading intuitively.

● Use the cards to identify shadows and anything else that comes up that needs to be covered!!

● Work with different spreads.

● Have access to recorded tips and Tarot Spells.

● Turn to the Tarot for guidance.

● Learn how to take the next step into reading professionally, setting up social media, etc.


Tier 3
Divination Diva

Are you an intuitive or empath who wants to reclaim your energetic and psychic power?

Awaken your Psychic Potential & Embrace your Inner magic

Join my circles where we use different tools to expand your intuition and psychic gifts.

There a 2 bi monthly live zoom sessions where we grow with like minded people in a non judgemental or competitive group

One circle is the Tarot club where we practice Tarot

One circle where we shall practice and learn different methods to tune into your skills


  • Oracle cards and different spreads

  • Charm casting

  • Crystal casting

  • Ribbon readings

  • The world of Colour, learning how colour can bring lots of information in any of your readings or day to day activities

  • Exploring and Journaling with oracle cards - using them to connect with your higher self, inner child, soul, spirit guides

  • Connecting with your psychic guides

  • Angel connection and readings

  • Goddesses and readings

  • Pendulum

  • Automatic writing

  • Receiving messages

  • Psychic eye attunement

  • Meet your psychic guide

  • Receive the Seers Rite

  Each circle offers you the chance to learn and practice 

 2 LIVE ZOOM group psychic sessions these can be attended or watched the recording

No pressure in the circles, you can just sit and watch until you feel you are ready to join in, you’ll also see everyone in the group is supportive

We also have fun in circles, we receive readings and get to know each other to make the learning enjoyable and share our stories

Tier 4
Moon Magick

Enhance your natural intuition and your connection with the Divine source.

Do you want to feel better equipped to embark on your path towards a new way of living? filled with clarity and confidenced?

Do you want to know are connected to a power greater than ourself so you can trust your intuition and feel your connection with your guides and spirit? 

Do you want to feel more healed and complete?

Do you want to be able to express your true desires?

Do you want to be able to know and understand what you want and why?


In this tier, you'll have access to Three monthly LIVE circle that will help you strengthen your connection to your intuition and the divine source.


Our sessions include Tarot practice, Oracle card exploration, and Manifesting and Healing with the New Moon.

If you can't join us live or want to rewatch, don't worry – all sessions are recorded and available for later viewing.


Each circle is designed to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level and enhance your intuition. You'll also receive a monthly meditation with a breathing practice or Mudra to practice daily.


Harness the Power of the Moon to Manifest Your Dreams!

Are you struggling to manifest what you desire? In my New Moon circles you will be let in a healing meditation to help you tap into the energy of the moon and receive guidance on what needs attention in your life. Together, we'll identify and remove any emotional, energetic or financial blocks that may be holding you back.


In a group setting, we become a powerful collective that can manifest magic!

To begin each circle, we ask for the blessing of an archangel or goddess. By delving into the zodiac sign that is currently influencing the Moon, we harness its energy and use it to help our intentions. We then cut energy cords and restore our energy before setting intentions to manifest what is best for us and the group. As we send out energy for others, the Universe responds by sending back our wishes supercharged. I use sacred symbols to help build on your light force energy to help you align to the life that you wish to manifest. Each circle closes with a message for everyone in the group.

As you journey to becoming a Divination Diva, you'll learn about your Clairs, manifesting, tarot spreads, tarot spells, and rituals.

Additionally, we'll focus on enhancing and recognizing your senses and developing each one individually. You'll receive attunements to help connect with your psychic guide, enhance your 3rd eye chakra, and open your solar plexus. Finally, you'll learn how to care for your empathic energy so you can live in alignment and balance.


TIER 4 INCLUDES: Access tier one & two & 3


Tier 5
Living your EMPOWERED Life

Transform Your Life - become EMPOWERED


Are you seeking a more harmonious and peaceful existence?

Do you wish to feel more in control and secure in yourself, and believe that you can create the life of your dreams? If so, then it's time to embrace your true self and become a divine manifesting magnet. With the help of healing, you can work through past traumas, sexual experiences, loss, and self-sabotaging behaviours that may have been passed down through ancestral lineage.

You can be reborn with a new mindset and energy, allowing you to live in balance, harmony and peace.


This is where we create the real MAGIC!


Get ready to start your journey towards a more fulfilling life.




Combining the energy healing and releasing from the Full Moon Womb healing, we manifest the life that you wish to create by harnessing the New Moon energy. We keep working with intuitive tools, gaining confidence to read and trust our cards and intuition to lead us and others through life. Using the oracle to explore what else needs healing. Supported throughout the month by the mudra and breathing meditations, oracle cards, and FOUR gatherings (live & recorded) plus information and exercises to develop your psychic senses.


Commit to your Healing Journey, keep your vibration high and care for your energy.



Join us every Full Moon on this incredible transformational healing journey. Go on a deep listening journey into the energy of your womb; the power of your ancestors. We'll look at how repetitive behaviours can be passed down through generations and examine them.

Womb Healing will help you if you…

● …have survived sexual trauma that then may cause triggered self-harming, and sexual issues.

● …wish to cleanse the blocked, residual energy of intimate partners. This energy may be setting the pattern for future partners as your energy attracts more of the same.

● …have given or experienced difficult births, the tragic loss of a child, parent or family member.

● …are blocked from happiness by repeating patterns from your family. Perhaps your mother was bullied, or you unconsciously chose a bully as a partner.

● …are suffering womb-related health issues or menstruation/menopause fertility imbalances. Have suffered the loss of a loved one and are struggeling with grief

● …are self-harming and have low self-esteem.

Through healing my womb area, I have healed my ancestral lineage and my womb energy.

This new vibration will benefit my children’s lives, making them easier by breaking karmic cords.

Healing the past and clearing the way to a brighter future.

For me, this healing has been so profound after years of recognising my blocks but not being able to rid myself of them. I have found it incredibly empowering, enabling me to step forward in my life and trust



As we open this circle, we ask for the blessing of an archangel or goddess. By delving into the zodiac sign that is currently influencing the Moon, we harness its energy and use it to help our intentions. Energy cords are cut and energy is restored. Afterwards, we raise our vibration and set intentions to manifest what is best for us and the others in the group. By sending out energy for others, the Universe responds by sending back our wishes supercharged. Each month we work on cleansing, aligning, and empowering your chakras. The circle closes with a message for everyone in the group. 

Working in a group, we become a powerful collective dynamic that can manifest magic!


Improve your intuition and learn to read various divination tools, such as charms, oracle, tarot, scrying, ribbon reading, and psychic development.



·         Access to the monthly meditation.

·         An Oracle card message every week.

·         Monthly Tarotscope.

·         Learn about Mudras and self-healing techniques.

·         Access to the LIVE & recorded monthly Oracle Circle (via Zoom).

·         Angel healing is sent to the group.

·         Access to the LIVE & recorded monthly Tarot Circle (via Zoom).

·         Tarot reading for the group.

·         Access to the LIVE & recorded monthly New Moon Manifesting Circle.

·         Access to the LIVE & recorded monthly Full Moon Womb Healing Circle.

·         A recorded Mudra or Breathing Meditation.

·         13th Rite of the Womb Initiation held every 3 months

·         Monthly Angel or Goddess card group recorded reading. 

·         Support your growth with self-care tips like EFT, Breathwork, Mindfulness, or meditation videos. 

·         Access to our private group where you can message me and the others and post any details you’d like to share about your Healing Journey. 

·         Indefinite access to all the recorded replays. (You can join in live and/or watch the replay if you prefer). 

·         As I am intuitively led, you may also receive Reiki Soul Retrieval, Past life Reiki, Angel Healing, Journey through your chakras, or Inner Child Healing... 

·         Group meditation to connect to your Higher Self. 

·         Access to a pre-recorded Psychic Protection & Energy Care class 

·         Q & A sessions

You'll also receive the following which you can download and print:

1.      Spiritual Awakening Progress Journal

2.      Womb Journal, where you can write about your Womb Healing journey and anything that comes up during this time.   

3.      Moon Phases Journal

4.      Manifesting Workbook and Journaling Prompts for Self-Care and Intentions.

5.      Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal.

If you would like to join any of the Tiers please head over to my membership platform at patreon

Circle Dates 2023


Thursday, 5th October - Explore & Journal with Oracle Cards

Saturday, 14th October - New Moon Manifesting Circle

Thursday, 26th October - VIP tarot Circle

Saturday, 28th October - Full Moon Womb Healing Circle 


Thursday, 2nd November - Explore & Journal with Oracle Cards 

Monday, 13th November - New Moon Manifesting Circle 

Monday,27th November - Full Moon Womb Healing Circle 

Thursday, 30th November - VIP tarot Circle 


December Thursday 7th December -  Explore & Journal with Oracle Cards 

Wednesday, 13th December - New Moon Manifesting Circle 

Thursday, 14th December - VIP tarot Circle 

Wednesday, 27th December - Full Moon Womb Healing Circle


2024 6pm GMT (UK)


DD Thursday 4th

Dark Moon Wednesday 10th 

Tarot Thursday 18th

Full Moon Thursday 25th



DD Thursday 1st

New Moon Friday 9th

Tarot Thursday 15th

Full Moon Saturday 24th



DD Thursday 7th

New Moon Sunday 10th

Tarot Thursday 14th

Full Moon 25th  



DD Thursday 4th

New Moon Monday 8th

Tarot Thursday 18th

Full Moon Tuesday 23rd



DD Circle Thursday 2nd

New Moon Tuesday 7th

Tarot Thursday 16th

Full Moon Thursday 23rd



New Moon Thursday 6th

DD Circle Thursday 13th

Full Moon Saturday 22nd

Tarot Thursday 27th



New Moon Friday 5th

DD Thursday 11th

Full Moon Sunday 21st

Tarot Thursday 25th



New Moon Sunday 4th

DD Thursday 8th

Full Moon Monday 19th

Tarot Thursday 29th



New Moon Tuesday 3rd

DD Thursday 12th

Full Moon Wednesday 18th

Tarot Thursday 26th



New Moon Wednesday 2nd

DD Thursday 10th

Full Moon Thursday 17th

Tarot Thursday 24th



New Moon Friday 1st

DD Thursday 7th

Full Moon Friday 15th

Tarot Thursday 21st



New Moon Sunday 1st

DD Thursday 5th

Full Moon Sunday 15th

Tarot Thursday 19th

DD is the Divination Diva Circle


Selena Joy Lovett reserves the right to change or amend circles dates if needed

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