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Reiki 1, 2, Master Reiki Teacher, 
Beyond Reiki with Sacred Symbols
all courses taught by Selena Joy Lovett are accredited by the

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Reiki 1 - May

Reiki 2 - July

Are you Ready for this life-changing experience?  As you heal, your vibration changes, you vibrate higher - attracting peace and abundance into your life and positively effecting those around you as you emit this positive energy - the ripple effect of Reiki will be felt worldwide. 


Reiki is a form of energy healing that was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan in the early 20th century.

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.

When you learn Reiki, you’ll find that this will bring a sense of peace, space for you to be content.  You feel more aligned with life and will find it easier to go with the flow. 

Reiki 1 will gift you the opportunity to work on yourself, healing your past and connecting within to help you heal with daily energy exercises that increase your reiki channel and release energy that is no longer needed enabling your energy to transmit to the universe your truth and align you to manifest what you need in your life. You will learn to heal others but the emphasis is on your own healing.


Reiki 2 will enable you to share your gift with others, helping the world to heal with this beautiful energy that you will share so that others can raise their vibration to allow healing to take place.  This is a beautiful course as you begin to work intuitively and with symbols to add their vibrations to your treatment.   Its an incredible gift that you can share with others and add to any existing healing practice or use alone.  Conduct professional healing in person or online.

Reiki Master - after mastering Reiki 1 and 2 if you feel called to then start teaching others and taking them through this beautiful healing journey then this course is for you.


Reiki Treatment

Certified Reiki 1
Beginners &
Self Healing

Reiki Level 1 "Shoden"


Receive 4 traditional Japanese empowerments that open up the channels through which Reiki flows. Once attuned to Reiki you will always be connected to this amazing gift of energy.  Reiki works for everyone (animals included)!

You will be introduced to the history and lineage of Reiki, Discover exactly what Reiki is and how it works, 

Learn how to perform Reiki treatments on yourself and others.

Learn daily energy exercises to cleanse and heal your energy and make your Reiki strong. 

Learn to focus on your own healing journey before starting to heal friends and family. 

Activate your inner energy healing capacity, and learn techniques for channelling energy

Learn traditional hand positions and how to heal and scan energy intuitively.

Learn to use crystals for Reiki and how to set up a Reiki business


The course Includes all workbooks, 4 attunements, and a 21-day Attunement journal workbook.

All you need to learn to practise Reiki to heal yourself and start to heal others, Small personal groups, and ongoing support.

One complete day or two sessions. Zoom classes.  All lessons are recorded for you to keep. Group In-person classes available.


Image by Diego PH

Certified Reiki 2 
Professional Practitioner 

Reiki 2 will help you become a confident professional healer. 


Reiki Level 2 ‘Okuden’ is the second level of Reiki. ‘Second Degree’ brings the student up to ‘practitioner’ level.

Receive three Japanese empowerments so that you can channel and hold more energy.

Connecting you to 3 sacred symbols.

Learn how to use the three Reiki symbols and mantras, they can be used as a basis for self-treatment, and they help to make you a stronger channel, more intuitive and enable you to send distance healing.  Learn how to channel the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki so that treatments become more intense, with the energy focusing strongly on physical healing or mental/emotional/spiritual balancing.

This Second Degree course echoes the original system that Reiki’s founder taught by still rooting your practice in personal energy work.

Reiki is first and foremost about you, about your development and growth, and at Second Degree you will learn further tools that you can use to move your experience of Reiki on to the next level.

So on this course, you will learn to enhance and deepen your self-healing by getting to grips with and fully assimilating two important energies – two important aspects of the energy – referred to as earth ki and heavenly ki in the original system. Meditating on earth ki and heavenly ki regularly will help to really move on your self-healing.

The course Includes all workbooks, 3 attunements to the symbols, a 21-day Attunement journal workbook.


Small personal groups, and ongoing support.

One complete day or two sessions. Zoom classes.  All lessons are recorded for you to keep. Group In-person classes available.


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